The Battle of Kursk is Over!

Attention Tankers!

Cease fire — the Battle or Kursk has ended!

Starting immediately after Independence Day, we challenged tankers with 50 daily missions of varying difficulty. Each task had two possible routes: From the north (available to any vehicle Tier IV or higher), or from the south (limited to 19 vehicles that participated in the historic World War II tank battle).

Daily rewards included consumables, equipment, and Premium Account time. Tankers who completed 30 missions and all 50 missions got something really special: a new T-34 shielded tank and a Fire Bulge special style, respectively! Completing five missions awarded a Kursk Event Medal.

KURSK EVENT MEDAL: T-34 SHIELDED: Fire Bulge special style:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event — please let us know your thoughts in our forum thread!

Roll out!