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Update 8.10 is Now Live!


Update 8.10 is available now! And we've added additonal tips below for graphics settings.



On December 23, we'll be launching World of Tanks Update 8.10, and with it, a big chunk of content in the form of a new nation: Japan! And, while Japanese tanks are highly anticipated, 8.10 also adds a wealth of other new bits of content and gameplay, as we continue our ceaseless work to make your tanking experience bigger, badder, and more fun than ever.

Read on for another look at the new features included in 8.10!

Japanese Tanks

Japan enters the battlefield with a tech tree full of brand new tanks. Some of these vehicles will offer familiarity to players who already enjoy the Chinese line, but don't be fooled by similarities! Japanese tanks have their own unique qualities that are well worth checking out. Click the screenshots below for larger looks at these formidable beasts from the East!







NC27 Otsu

Type 5 Ke-Ho

Type 95 Ha-Go

Type 98 Ke-Ni

Tech Tree

New Map: Hidden Village

Complementing the Japanese tanks is a distinctly Japanese map: Hidden Village. Among its many topographical features, tankers can hide under one of the lovely cherry blossom trees or sidle up beside one of the village houses to surprise opponents from any angle.


New Graphics Options

8.10 marks one of the biggest improvements to the visuals in World of Tanks. Lighting has been overhauled, with color and brightness adjusted on every map to make them appear even more vivid than before. In addition, players can choose from a few different filter effects to bring fun, new looks to the game. 

But it’s important to understand that these additions can influence game performance. That’s why, when starting the game after updating to 8.10, accounts will have their graphics settings reset. In most cases, your system will auto-detect your hardware and set the game at suitable graphics level, but performance drops may still be apparent for some. That’s why we recommend spending a few minutes to manually adjust graphics settings. 

Some of the new graphics effects correspond to certain settings in the Graphics Settings menu:

  • Lens flare & Sun rays: May be turned off by setting "Lighting Quality" to "Medium" or lower
  • HDR bloom: May be turned off by setting "Post Processing" to "Disabled"
  • Cloud shadows: May be turned off by setting "Texture Quality" to "Medium" or lower
  • Motion blur: May be turned off by setting "Motion Blur Effect" to "Disabled"

The labeled settings in the menu can be adjusted to further tune game performance as well:

  • Texture Quality: Not influenced by video adapter performance, but needs video memory. Set below "High" for low-end PCs
  • Shadow Quality: Mostly depends on overall system performance, including video card and CPU. If either of those are on the low end, set below "High"
  • Lighting Quality: Depends on video card performance. Owners of low-end/older video cards are advisted to set this to Minimum or OFF
  • Flora Density: Determines the display of grass and low bushes, which are unsuitable for hiding tanks. This depends on both video card performance and amount of video memory
  • Extra Effects Quality: This is responsible for displaying smoke, dust, flames, explosions, etc. None of these bog down the video card that much, but do require resources from the CPU. So for lower-performance CPUs, set this option to "Low"
  • Post Processing: Different extra effects: air refraction, bloom, etc. This highly depends on video card performance, and isn't influenced much by video memory. Low-end PCs should set this to "Low" or "OFF"
  • Extra Effects in Sniper Mode: Same as Extra Effects Quality, but only in sniper view mode. Same advice applies
  • Track Effects: Displays dust, snow and water that flies up due to moving tracks. It greatly influences performance, and should be turned off on low-end PCs
  • Display grass in Sniper mode:  Reccomended to turn this off in case of performance drops in sniper view mode

...And Much More

As always, many more adjustments have been made under the hood in this latest update, from refined map designs, interface enhancements, and further changes to select tanks. For all the nitty-gritty details, please see our complete Update Notes page!