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Update 8.11 Now Live!



A new battle type, new maps and a lot of useful improvements make up the new update. Get started with the 8.11 update today!

Download Full Client Archive

If you do not have the game client installed, you can download the latest version with the patch.

Update for the Game Client

The previous game client versions update automatically at game client launch, or you can use this link to download and install them manually.

MD5:    ad33fa5936d96c7140e523d964357358


MD5:    2d4ca0ba9e93bfae99e28e45ed841d88


Trouble downloading and installing World of Tanks? Visit our Support site for more information.

New Battle Type: "Confrontation"

Confrontation is an exciting new mode that will be available in random battles, on top of the "Encounter" and "Assault" battle types. The main characteristic of Confrontation is that it will introduce battles between teams representing specific nations -- this means that you'll be teamed up with tankers of the same vehicle nation, bringing a "World War"-like experience closer to everyone!

Confrontation mode key features:

  • The probability of playing “Confrontation” is the same as for "Encounter" or "Assault"
  • The game maps available in "Confrontation" are the same as in any standard battle
  • The new battle type will be open for all vehicle tiers
  • Teams in “Confrontation” are built by nations. Battles cannot be fought by two teams built from vehicles of the same nation. For example, a French vehicle team can battle against the British, Americans, Germans or Soviets, but not against another team of French vehicles
  • The Chinese and Japanese nations are excluded from this battle type. The reason is that these nations do not have all vehicle types available
  • The new battle type can be played in Platoons, provided that all Platoon members are driving vehicles of the same nation (excluding China and Japan)
  • This battle type can be manually disabled in the game settings menu, just like the “Assault” and “Encounter” battle types

New Map: "Windstorm"

This 1000x1000m map is set in a European landscape during winter, and to a large degree consists of urban areas with narrow streets and indestructible buildings.


New Group Crew Operations


The new update introduces a handy new feature that allows you to manage your crews more effectively:

  • Retrain Crew - This option will allow you to retrain all the crew members to operate a particular vehicle at once. Please note that this action will affect only those tankers who are occupying their respective slots in the vehicle itself
  • Return Crew to VehicleWith this command, you can restore all of the vehicle’s designated crew members with just one click. It is especially handy when you are using Premium vehicles to train your crews
  • Send Crew to BarracksClicking this option will send every single crew member to the barracks, provided that you have enough free bunks

Reworked Team Damage/Kill System

General provisions:

  • The team damage and team kill control system has become slightly more strict, while at the same time more factors are taken into account:  penalty points for particular kind of violations are not accumulated as quickly (i.e. the punishment has been mitigated)
  • The chance of account suspension increases with each consequent damaging of ally vehicles in one battle
  • Ramming allied tanks is also treated as foul play and an illegal action
  • The accumulated penalty points can be forgiven when destroying the enemy vehicles in battles where the ally team won
  • The term of first suspension has been reduced to one hour

Improved the system of compensation to the subject of the offense:

  • The repairs to vehicles of the damaged party are compensated
  • Apart from the repairs cost, the offender additionally pays the affected party 10% from the repair’s total amount
  • The offender pays the affected party not only with credits received for the battle, but also with credits available on the account

Serious infractions:

  • If enemy base capture has been interrupted by an ally (either by ramming or by shooting)
  • If modules on the ally tank have been damaged (with help of ramming or hitting with a shell)
  • If the ally tank has been destroyed

Less serious infractions (TK/TD rating will not increase as much):

  • If an ally vehicle has been damaged accidentally while the player was aiming at the enemy tank
  • If an ally vehicle has been accidentally damaged with splash from a high-explosive shell
  • If after firing apart from damaging the enemy, the ally tank is damaged as well.
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For the full list of changes and additions introduced with update 8.11, please refer to the Release Notes on our website.

Please note that game servers will be unavailable in the early morning of February 13 due to update preparation. The Clan Wars Global Map will also be seeing downtime in preparation.