An Interview with Bryant21 from [RDDT]


After the intense fighting that took place during the first stage of our Clan Wars Campaign event our Community Coordinator for World of Tanks, Catstalker, caught up with Bryant21 of Clan [RDDT] to deliver some good news. Read the full exchange below!

Good morning, would you like to take a moment to introduce yourself and RDDT?

Sure no problem, I am Bryant21 the Deputy commander of the clan Reddit: The Front Lines of the Internet [RDDT]. I am also one of the moderators of the portal where all 11 Reddit clans make their home

Did RDDT have any specific strategies coming into the start of this campaign?

Teamwork between the "RDDT Family of Clans" was our main strategy. Before this event our main clan RDDT clan would be the sole driving force of clan wars, with our sister clan NARWL providing backup. However, with the introduction of the low tier event, we were able to train all RDDT clans for clan wars to help us out significantly.

So was ending up in Greenland part of the plan, or how did that happen?

Well, unlike most clans who focused on gold value, we realized that Greenland offered the most strategic value to gain victory points and our goal of using all the RDDT clans. Rather than spreading out across the map, we could place RDDT clans across each end of Greenland and slowly expand into each other. Our sister clans were excited to be able to participate in such a direct way.

Of course everybody is aiming for the M60, but did you expect to be in the top 5 so close to the end of the stage?

Oh not at all. Our goal was only to get into the top 10, but then we just kept winning, and taking land, and winning again. It slowly began to dawn on us that our plan worked better than we could have hoped! With our strong sister clans backing us up, we saw it within reach so we went for it!

Based the situation we’ve seen on the forums, it would appear there were some diplomacy issues you ran into. Would you like to comment on that?

Har har. Sure, we had talked with of our neighbor and good ally Enjoy about giving us some extra Victory Points to ensure we reach top five. We had been informed that several clans on mainland USA were planning on giving land away in order to push us out of top five and we wanted to guarantee we made it. We could then focus on getting Enjoy into a higher position in later stages, and everyone would get an M60. We believed that after 10 months of being close allies, giving up three territories would be a no brainier. After hours of intense negotiations, Enjoy decided it would be in their own best interests to keep the land. This was a huge shock to RDDT, and while we could have attacked them in an attempt to take the land by force, we decided to uphold our initial agreement and stood down. In the end, they chose 15,000 Victory Points over 10 months of steadfast camaraderie and hard work. If the roles were reversed, we would have given them the land in a heartbeat. Unfortunately we will not be working with them in the future.

Well, congrats RDDT, you’ve just qualified for the M60 medium tank. What are you going to do next!?

WHAT?!  Are you joking?

No, RDDT, OTTER, and PBKAC have all tied for 5th place!

That is amazing! Well, first I think we might eat some cake! But after that, we will look at helping to repay NARWL, hoping to get them into the top 30 clans. Really, we will try and roam the map, helping out clans who need assistance.

We're looking forward to seeing that all take place and we wish you the best of luck with your allies! Congrats again!

Thanks, this is amazing!