Clan Wars Map Exhibition: 9.1 Maps


MapArctic Region [RELIC]  
  Map  [RELIC]  
[PLSGO] Arctic Region    
MapTundra [PLSGO]    
    Map  [HAVOK]
[TTIME]   Tundra Champion
MapTundra [BUNEH]    
  Map  [HAVOK]  
[HAVOK] Tundra    
MapArctic Region [HAVOK]    



The next Clan Wars Map Exhibition has arrived, and this time it will be based on Update 9.1!

This month's tournament will have Clans fight across two different maps, Arctic Region and Tundra, which have both been re-worked in 9.1.

In Stage 1, winners within each group are determined based on scores at the end of Round Robin play. All matches during this stage will be played on Arctic Region.

The top 40 teams will advance to Stage 2, which will also be played using the round-robin format, this time on Tundra.

Stage 3 will bring us to single-elimination bracket play between the top 8 teams from the previous rounds. The quarter-finals, semi-finals and championship will be played on Arctic Region/Tundra (randomly selected).

In addition, both semifinal games and the championship will be streamed live on with commentary from Hypnotik and HBFT. The matches will be followed by a brief discussion with the Clans in the championship about their strategies and the keys to their success.

If you are interested in participating, head over to the Tournament signup page!

Each team should only consist of members representing a single Clan, and there can only be one team per Clan.


  • 1st – 80,000
  • 2nd – 40,000
  • 3rd + 4th – 20,000
  • 5th-8th – 10,000

In addition, each team that qualifies for Round 2 and accumulates at least 7 points in the group stages will be awarded 1,000.

*Prizes will be awarded to the winning Clan’s treasury.

Clan Wars Map Exhibition Schedule

Stage 1

Stage 2


Semi- and Finals

Saturday, August 2nd
17:00 PM PDT
Sunday, August 3rd
17:00 PM PDT
Monday, August 4th
17:00 PM PDT
Tuesday, August 5th
17:00 PM PDT
  • Map: Arctic Region
  • Initial Round-Robin stage
  • 40 teams advance
  • Map: Tundra
  • Secondary Round-Robin stage
  • Tie-breakers played immediately after (if necessary)
  • All teams in this stage win at least 1,000
  • 8 teams advance
  • Map: Arctic Region/Tundra (randomly selected)
  • Playoff format
  • All teams in this stage win at least 10,000
  • Map: Arctic Region/Tundra (randomly selected)
  • Playoff format
  • Watch live on Twitch
  • Semi-final 1 - 5:00p PDT
  • Semi-final 2 - approx. 5:20p PDT
  • Final - approx. 5:45p PDT

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