Clan Wars Returns January 9


The Clan Wars winter break is nearly over, and it's almost time to return to the battlefield. There are a few changes coming when Clan Wars returns, so let's take some time to review what's happening.

Campaign Map Disabled; Sandbox Map Remains

Since the Campaign has concluded, everyone will be returning to the standard Sandbox Map. Clan Wars will resume on January 9 at 10:15 UTC (02:15 PT, 05:15 ET) in World Redivision mode, and we will return to normal mode the next night (January 10). There will NOT be a map wipe.

Please note that in World Redivision, draw games in battles with owners go to the attacker(s).

Lastly, the tier setting for all provinces will return to tier X.

Sandbox Map
Revolts ON Spies/Counterspies ON
Tank Locking ON Ransacking ON
Fog of War ON Subversions OFF

New Landing Zones

As you may have already read, we are adding four new Landing Zones to the Global Map. Eastern King Christian X Land and Cape Barclay will be added in Greenland, Thompson, Manitoba in Canada, and Green Bay, Wisconsin in the United States will all become Landing Zones. Green Bay's income will decrease and Milwaukee's income will increase to compensate for this change.

Say Goodbye to "Port"

You may have also read that the map "Port" is being removed from the random battle map rotation. In accordance with this, Port will also be removed from the Clan Wars map. Check the table below to see what maps will be replacing it on the various provinces:

ID Province New Map
CA_33 Port Radium Mines
CA_35 Diavik Diamond Mine Mines
Ukkusiksalik National Park
Stewart, British Columbia
CA_73 Thunder Bay, Ontario Cliff
CA_79 Toronto, Ontario Ensk
GL_27 Nuuk Live Oaks
US_101 Northport, Michigan Mines
US_12 Juneau, Alaska Pearl River
US_124 Charleston, South Carolina Westfield
US_13 Seattle, Washington Erlenberg
US_17 Portland, Oregon Siegfried Line
US_23 San Francisco, California Serene Coast
US_76 Houston, Texas Ruinberg
US_90 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Erlenberg
US_91 Chicago, Illinois Himmelsdorf

Good luck out there on the ninth!

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