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This week’s Clan Spotlight will be on [RDDT], Reddit. [RDDT] is a group of players from the community that have joined together to fight in Clan Wars. Since the group was founded two years ago, they have expanded to a total of 13 Clans on the North American server (and a few on EU/SEA too), and have just recently reached 10,000 subscribers to the World of Tanks sub-Reddit.

We interviewed these people to learn a little bit more about Reddit, and its many divisions.

Ledif [RDDT] - Commander of [RDDT]
Bryant21 [RDDT] - Deputy Commander of [RDDT], helps run WoT Sub-Reddit
Vorkosigan [RDDT] - Battle Caller/Strategist/Field Commander of [RDDT], former Commander of [RDDT]
DamienJax [NARWL] - Commander of [NARWL], former Commander of [RDDT], helps run WoT Sub-Reddit

RDDT has kindly volunteered to answer questions from the community for a few hours following this post! Please visit the extended interview thread to ask any questions. So if you want to pick their brains about Clan Wars, Clan development or whatever now is your chance!

What do you consider to be your clan’s greatest achievement? 

Vorkosigan - Not falling flat on our face.

DamienJax - Yeah I think most clans that have been around this long generally implode at some point but we have been lucky enough to be around for so long and have so many different commanders and still keep the same philosophy going.

Ledif - Our success thus far in this campaign and throughout the campaign has probably been one of our greatest achievements. We had a rather hard time with the Rise of the Americas event which is fairly similar to this campaign. I think that drove RDDT to really try and get our stuff together for this event. Seeing our success has been very rewarding.

When and how did your clan form?

Vorkosigan - RDDT has been around since the game started but it was sort of a social clan until, December 2011, Damien, myself and TransparentTape, started getting things a little bit more organized, and started kicking out people out who weren't showing up. Started doing things like actually training and then in February 2012, we began landing in Africa and we started winning.

Bryant21 - We have 19 clans, 5 on the European server, 1 on SEA server and the rest are on the North American server and they are filling up. What we try to do, and this isn't entirely different from other clans, is basically host a Teamspeak where anyone can get on, we don't really care about your player skill and you can hang out and talk to people and just get some good advice. Play with people, and I mean that's how I got into the game. I jumped on and said "hey can somebody platoon with me please?" and now I'm running things!

How is your clan structured? (ranks?)

Ledif - Within the clan, we have 3 deputy commanders and myself as the commander. I would say that these are the people that lead the clan. They make the decisions, and handle most of the diplomacy and talking with other clans. I think that is an important point because when you are dealing with other clans you have to be able to make the decision. Having someone who is just running errands back and forth between clans, while convenient for the commander and deputy commanders, so they don't have to deal with that after other things, is not really practical. You need to be able to say yes or no to something.

Vorkosigan - Then the field commanders are usually the people who get down and dirty making strats and actually calling battles.

Bryant21 - I think that is something a lot of smaller clans don't realize. They think they can have 1, 2, or 3 guys who are going to do everything and lead the battles, talk to other clans, etc. but the hours rack up. It is difficult for one person to do. I mean if you have to time, great, but for most people it is going to be a little too much.

DamienJax - RDDT is also distinguished in its democratic process. I mean the regular membership has a lot of say in what goes on. A lot of clans are generally top down and you do whatever the commander says. As far as Reddit goes, membership is very vocal when they don't like something.

What have you learned about Clan Wars and maintaining a clan that you wish you knew when you started?

Vorkosigan - The 'don't it all yourself thing', which I tried, and burned out on tanks completely for a good 3 to 4 months

DamienJax - Yeah, I'd say that is a big aspect is trusting other people to handle issues.

Vorkosigan - Separating the actual strats and battle command vs overall diplo command is an important aspect I wish I had known.

Ledif - Practice is something you are going to need to do if you want to get better.

Bryant21 - Back when we were starting we had to practice so much.

What was your favorite stage of the first campaign?

DamienJax - Tier X!

Vorkosigan - I actually liked some of our tier 7 stuff. Simply because I got to use 6 M40/43s on a map all at once. (before the last patch)

DamienJax - Stage 3 is a little more stressful for me, obviously if I lose the landing zone, which I did, it can really impact my final Victory Points. I'm looking forward to stage 4 though.

Bryant21 - Stage 4 should be a blast I think.

What was the toughest/most exciting clan battle your clan has had?

Ledif - There were some close fights on our landing zone during the first stage. Turned our we really needed to keep holding that Landing Zone and it was good that we did.

Bryant21 - Wasn't 13 to 15 the final call on one of them?

Vorkosigan - I believe that was Death from Above.

Ledif - It was tier 4 I think, it was very close. A lot of hoping our Hetzer hiding in a bush was able to reset our cap and shoot some stuff and not get spotted.

Bryant21 - I think from the overall campaign that was probably the closest win that we have had.

Ledif - Absolutely, that landing zone match was the hairiest and boy that.... glad that we won.

Anything else you would like to add?

DamienJax - People should visit the sub-Reddit, they don't have to join a Reddit clan but the sub-Reddit has a lot of good, thoughtful conversation.

To read the extended interview, please visit the Clan Spotlight: RDDT 7/22/13 forum thread.

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