Clan League Broadcasts: Week of Nov. 9

It's the last full week of the Challengers League, and the Champions League playoffs are nearly here. But first, a few very important matches need to be played to determine who gets what spot in the playoffs. Check out the listing below to make sure you get to see all of the thrilling matches this week!

About the League

The Wargaming Clan League is the highest level of competition for Clans in World of Tanks. Not every Clan gets to be here -- they have to earn their place in the league in order to challenge other Clans who have done the same.

The League is separated into two divisions: the Champions League offers the highest level of competition and the highest rewards, while the Challengers League offers a secondary level of competition.

In both divisions, Clans fight 14-versus-14 in Attack/Defense mode with an eight-minute timer. This makes for a fast-paced battle full of thrilling action in which decisiveness is rewarded.

Broadcast Schedule

TeamsCastersTwitch Link
Monday, Nov. 9

Challengers League
17:00  [HAVOK]  [FOXEY] Ratz1lla/Allurai ratz1lla
Tuesday, Nov. 10

Champions League
17:00  [-G-]  [VILIN] Wargaming Wargaming
 [SIMP]  [R-7]
 [OTTER]  [MAHOU] Inchon/Lozarus Inchon2
Wednesday, Nov. 11

Challengers League
17:00  [SHOJO]  [FOXEY] Ratz1lla/Allurai ratz1lla
18:00  [RELIC]  [REL_3] LZ_Schneider/
19:00  [HT]  [HAVOK] Inchon/Eural Inchon2
Thursday, Nov. 12

Champions League

17:00  [VILIN]  [CHAI] Ratz1lla/Allurai ratz1lla
 [BULBA] Ratz1lla/Allurai ratz1lla
This table will be updated with playoff information as it is confirmed.

Playoffs Information

Tuesday night is the final night of the regular season for the Champions League, and yet not a single Clan's starting position is completely guaranteed, based on the current standings. Here are a few facts about the playoffs to help you understand the picture better:

  • The playoffs are double-elimination, and only the top 6 teams make it in.
  • [BULBA] is guaranteed one of the first-round byes for the top 2 clans. [OTTER] and [MAHOU] play on Tuesday to determine who gets the other one.
    • OTTER needs 1 point (an overtime loss or better) to get the bye, or MAHOU needs to win before overtime for them to get the bye.
  • BULBA is still not confirmed as the first-place Clan. They need to earn either 1 point or more or OTTER to lose before overtime to solidify their first-place regular season position.
  • 3 Clans are fighting for the final two spots in the playoffs.
    • [CHAI] needs 1 point to be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.
    • [SIMP] needs 1 point to be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.
    • [-G-] needs to win before overtime to have a chance to make the playoffs, assuming either CHAI or SIMP earns no points.