Wargaming Announces Unified Premium Accounts


We're proud to make the first formal announcement of the Unified Premium Account service, the next step in our Wargaming.net service strategy to connect all of our company's titles under one online ecosystem and community.

The Unified Premium Account will allow our players to purchase a Premium account, which grants bonuses such as an increased experience and Credit accrual rate, and have that account applied across all of Wargaming’s video game titles. Purchasing a Premium account in World of Tanks will also be active for World of Warplanes, World of Warships, and any other future Wargaming title.

The Unified Premium Account will officially launch during the Open Beta phase of World of Warplanes, where players will receive special Tokens for free that can be used to purchase a Unified Premium Account. These tokens will serve as the equivalent of in-game Gold during the Open Beta testing phase. Once World of Warplanes officially launches, a Unified Premium Account can be purchased by players with in-game Gold. Expect more news and details about this token system very soon. Wargaming’s upcoming naval combat MMO World of Warships will also feature the Unified Premium Account once that title goes into open beta.

“The Unified Account is the next step in our goal to fully connect all of our gaming titles into one living, breathing ecosystem. Giving our players the benefits and convenience of having premium features carry over through all of our games is something that we feel will be a tremendous value to them and truly enhance their gaming experience no matter what title of ours they play.”

-Andrei Yarantsau, VP of Global Operations at Wargaming

More details about this service will be provided in an ongoing series of articles. Please keep in mind that the final form of this service has not yet been finalized, so changes may occur before implementation.

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