Getting Started

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The Hall of Fame is based only on Random Battles and divided into two parts:

Achievement Rating. Your overall performance.

Vehicle Rating. Your performance on each specific vehicle.

Hall of Fame can be accessed via both game client and World of Tanks portal.

Induction Criteria

To make it into the Hall of Fame you need to fight a number of battles specific to each rating period:

  • Achievements Rating
  • Vehicles Rating
Achievements Rating
1 day 10+
Current month  40+
All time



Vehicles Rating
1 day 3+
Current month 30+
 All time


Rating Categories

Players and their vehicles are rated in the following categories:

WTR World of Tanks Rating
W/B Victories/Battles Ratio
D/B Average Damage Caused per Battle
E/B Average Experience per Battle
F/B Average Number of Vehicles Destroyed per Battle
B/B Average Blocked Damage per Battle
A/B Assisted Damage per Battle

World of Tanks Rating

The World of Tanks Rating system (WTR) calculates an individual rating for each vehicle and then uses that particular vehicle's score to determine the player's general efficiency level. This system reacts flexibly to changes in battle strategy and compares the player's statistics to the server's average.

You can find your World of Tanks Rating in the SERVICE RECORD tab below the Battle! button.

There are 15 levels in the World of Tanks Rating system, which are divided into five groups: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ace, and Legend. Each player will start in the Bronze group and progress through its three levels before advancing to Silver, and so on.

For your WTR to be calculated and appear on your Service Record, you need to have fought at least 50 Random Battles.