The Last Waffenträger: FAQ


Don't miss the opportunity to fight in The Last Waffenträger and take on the empowered legendary vehicle until October 12. Battle as part of a seven-strong team of modernized T-55 tanks, earn the right to command the Waffenträger, and fight like the final boss!

Before you jump into battle, however, lets clarify some details with a few of your frequently asked questions.



How can you play the Waffenträger auf E 110?

How long is the match?

  • Each battle has a 10-minute time limit. The initial countdown shows six minutes remaining, but players can increase that time limit by gathering Energy Packs, which add an additional 30 seconds to the counter.

How do you get Energy Packs and what is their effect? 

  • Energy Packs are dropped each time after you destroy a group of Sentinels (Bots). To pick it up, you must drive into the area of the lightning effect, wait a couple of seconds, and you will automatically collect it.
    • Picking up Energy Packs increase your energy level, which directly translates into the increased damage output by the Harrier Tanks. Each Energy Pack increases the damage by approximately 50 Alpha and restores 200 HP.

What if there are no Waffenträgers in the queue? 

  • The matchmaker randomly selects players to fill the role of the Waffenträger auf E 110 atter a certain amount of time in the queue.

Can T-55’s destroy each other? 

  • No: There is no team damage.

Will I keep my energy level if my tank is destroyed during battle? 

  • Yes: The energy level is kept at the same level for the team of T-55's—regardless if they're destroyed, alive, or respawning.

Can I play this mode only solo or in a platoon? How big is the platoon size? Can I play with the Waffenträger and T-55 in a platoon?

  • There is one (1) static platoon with up to three (3) players per battle. No: A Waffenträger cannot platoon with two T-55s.

Are Replays enabled in the game mode?

  • Unfortunately, due to technical restrictions, it is not possible to record replays in "The Last Waffenträger" with the built-in Replay function. Please, use alternative recording tools if you would like to retain a battle.
    • In case of unsportsmanlike conduct, it is necessary to provide a recording of the battle, or screenshots showing the infraction, as well as the post-battle screen with the nicknames.

What is the Waffenträger auf E 220?

  • In some battles during the event, you might face a special version of the Waffenträger called the Waffenträger auf E 220. These rare machines are operated by Wargaming employees and a few selected streamers. If you manage to triumph over the E 220, you’ll receive a Special Footlocker. The E 220 has the same stats as the E 110.

Waffenträger auf E 220

Waffenträger auf E 110



Special Footlocker

Harriers' Footlocker

Engineer's Footlocker

How to get Dropped by the Waffenträger auf E 220; also available for purchase in the Premium Shop. Rewarded for completing Harriers' Missions. Rewarded for completing Engineer's Missions.
What could be inside 1 of 16 Tier VIII Premium vehicles, including the T77;
100 Gold guaranteed for the first opening; random reward. 
Harriers' Collection Item; random reward. Engineer's Collection Item; random reward.
Reroll Reroll for Gold with a price increase after first three (3) Reopens; five (5) Reopens maximum. Reroll for Credits with a price increase after each Reopen; three (3) Reopens maximum.* Reroll for Credits with a price increase after each Reopen; three (3) Reopens maximum.*
* If you receive a Collection Item, the Reopen will be blocked.

Who gets the footlocker from destroying the Waffenträger?

It doesn't matter if it is the Waffenträger E 110 or E 220, each member of the T-55 Thunderbolt team is credited with a Footlocker, even if destroyed before the end of the battle.

How many times can you reroll the different footlockers?

  • Harriers' and Engineer's Footlockers can be reopened up to three (3) times for Credits.
  • Special Footlockers can be reopened up to five (5) times for Gold.

Can I gift Footlockers to other players? 

  • No.

Can I receive more Footlockers than parts of the collection?  

  • Yes. 

What happens to unopened Footlockers at the end of the event?

  • All Footlockers automatically open when the game is removed from the client on Monday, October 12 at 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:30 PT.


Is there a reward for completing the collections? 

  • Yes: You get 3.000 Bonds for completing both collections. 

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