1v1: South American Open
Tournament status: Finished Finished

1v1: South American Open

Tournament status:

Finished Finished
Only tech tree and collector vehicles are allowed to participate, with the exception of the EBR 105. All Clan Wars, personal reward and wheeled vehicles are restricted. When restricted vehicles are selected for battle, players will not be able to ready up and shall receive an error message upon trying.


  • 31 Confirmed teams
  • SE + RR Tournament bracket
  • GOLD! FREE XP! Prize pool
  • US 4 Server

Tournament details

  • Team format 1
  • Battle mode Encounter battle
  • Vehicle tier X
  • Allowed total tier 10
  • Additional information No EBR 105 and no reward vehicles allowed!


Ghost Town

Confirmed teams

Team Game server Registration option
(Team unconfirmed)


  • Reporting tournament issues


  • Group Stage + Playoff
  • 4 teams per group, 2 top teams advance to Playoff
  • Battles are played BO1, Playoff final is BO3
  • No tiebreakers: in case of draw in Playoff stage both teams are eliminated
  • Encounter mode on multiple maps
  • Battles will last 7 minutes
  • In Group Stage teams earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss
  • Ties in Group Stage points will go to the player who beat the tied player in the series
    • Player 1 and Player 2 are tied for points
    • During the series, Player 1 beat Player 2 and is, therefore, the winner of the tie
  • Prizing is always split among the entire team based on the amount of battles a player participated in unless specified otherwise
  • In order to become eligible for prizing, a player must participate in at least 1 battle of the Playoff stage
  • The Playoff stage starting time displayed on the tournament page is approximate and the stage can start about 5 minutes sooner/later depending on how fast the Group Stage finishes
  • All tournament details, scheduling, rules, and regulations are subject to change without notice
  • Breaking EULA or Game Rules will disqualify your team from the end results with no prizing
Reporting tournament issues

Reporting tournament issues

Issues and/or changes are reported through our CS Support Center. Details are listed below:

The category you will place your ticket will be Game Issues - Tournaments, Clans, and Strongholds - Tournaments

When submitting your ticket, please include the following information:

  • Team name and link to the team:
  • Tournament name:
  • Date of the tournament:
  • Issue:

For roster change request, include

IMPORTANT: Only the Captain of the team may request changes or alterations to a team, and they must be the ones who submit the ticket.

For rewards issues, include

  • Placement in standings:
  • Expected rewards:

For rules violations, include

  • Replays of tournament battles:
  • Rule violators team name and link to the team:

IMPORTANT: This is for tournament rule violations only, Fair Play violations or other offenses must be reported by choosing the Rules Violations>Report a Player category (then choose the appropriate category)

Tournament winners

Team Team Captain Captain Game server Game server Registration option Registration option


Place Reward
1st: 1,600 Gold + 5,000 Free XP
2nd: 800 Gold + 2,500 Free XP
3-4: 600 Gold + 1,500 Free XP
5-8: 400 Gold + 1,000 Free XP
9-16: 200 Gold + 500 Free XP
* Prizes listed are for the Playoff stage only

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