Weekly 5v5 April 17 - 21
Tournament status: Finished Finished

Weekly 5v5 April 17 - 21

Tournament status:

Finished Finished
Weekly 5v5 tournament has one day of group stage, followed by single elimination playoffs. 


  • 170 Confirmed teams
  • SE + RR Tournament bracket
  • Earn up to 5,000 gold! Prize pool
  • US 1 Server

Tournament details

  • Team format 5 + 2 substitutes
  • Battle mode Encounter battle
  • Vehicle tier III - V
  • Allowed total tier 24


Siegfried Line

Confirmed teams

Team Game server Registration option
(Team unconfirmed)


  • Schedule
  • Victory Conditions
  • Reporting Disputes
  • Registration Rules
  • Useful Links


  • Group Stage: Monday, April 17 - 18:00 PT / 21:00 ET
  • Playoff Round 1: Wednesday, April 19 - 18:00 PT / 21:00 ET
  • Playoff Round 2: Wednesday, April 19 - 18:35 PT / 21:35 ET
  • Playoff Round 3: Wednesday, April 19 - 19:10 PT / 22:10 ET
  • Playoff Round 4: Wednesday, April 19 - 19:45 / 22:45 ET
  • Playoff Round 5: Friday, April 21 - 18:00 PT / 21:00 ET
  • Playoff Round 6: Friday, April 21 - 18:35 PT / 21:35 ET
  • Playoff Round 7: Friday, April 21 - 19:10 PT / 22:10 ET
  • Playoff Round 8: Friday, April 21 - 19:45 PT / 22:45 ET

The full schedule is subject to change once the final team count moving on to the playoffs has been determined. If needed, an extra round will be added on either or both days to account for the number of teams moving on to the playoffs.

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Victory Conditions

Victory Conditions

Group Stage

  • Battles begin every 10 minutes and last 7 minutes max.
  • Three points are granted for a win, one point for a tie, no points for a loss.
  • Position is determined 1) by points then 2) by draw rules if teams are tied in points.
    • Head-to-Head: If two or more teams are tied in points, the winner will be determined based on how well they did when they faced each other
    • Complete Draw: If no winner can be determined by head-to-head, all tied teams move on to the playoffs.
  • The top 2 teams from each group will move on to the Upper Playoff.
  • Teams ranked 3 - 6 from each group will move on to the Lower Playoff.
  • Teams will be randomly seeded for the Playoffs.


  • Battles last 7 minutes max. There is a 2 minute break between battles within a round.
  • The first team to win one battle out of a maximum of two battles will be declared the winner.
  • If no team can win one battle, neither team will move on to the next round.
  • The Final round will be the first to 2 wins out of a maximum of 5 battles.
Reporting Disputes

Reporting Disputes

A dispute is a claim against an illegitimate result by an opponent’s violation of a written Tournament rule.

Disputes must adhere to the protocol detailed below or risk having the dispute dropped by tournament administration.

  • Disputes must be submitted immediately after the all group stage rounds have concluded for that day.
    • E.g. disputes submitted on Tuesday for Monday's matches are invalid and will not be processed.
  • Disputes must be emailed to tournaments@wargamingamerica.com.
  • The email subject/title must include the word “Dispute:” followed by the name of the event for which you are filing a dispute.
  • Disputes may only be filed by the team captain or any team member listed under team’s contact details.

Disputes must include the following in the body of the email or risk having the dispute dropped by tournament administration:

  • In-game name of the player submitting the dispute
  • Name of the Tournament
  • Your team’s name with a link to your team’s page created for you during registration
  • Your opponent’s team name and a link to your opponent’s team page created during registration
  • Reason for dispute: e.g. “I would like to report the team for using a tank that was not allowed, the StuG III.”
  • An attached replay of the disputed battle(s)

Additional notes:

  • Opposing team captains will be alerted of the dispute by forum PM after the dispute is processed.
  • Captains are responsible for monitoring their PM inbox.
  • Three upheld disputes during a group stage reverses all scores from the offending team for that round.
  • One upheld dispute during playoffs disqualifies the offending team from that round.
  • Publicizing disputes prior to resolution is subject to penalties at tournament admin's discretion, not limited to:
    • Disregarding the dispute
    • Immediate team disqualification
    • Removal of offending player from the event
Registration Rules

Registration Rules

PLEASE NOTE: All teams that have the minimum amount of players for a team will be accepted to the Weekly 5v5

  • Teams must have at least 5 and up to 7 players.
  • Teams may only include clan names/tags in their name if at least one member is directly affiliated with that clan.
  • Teams may only use WGLNA team names if they are directly affiliated with that team.
  • Refrain from using special characters/images as part of your team name. Any names with special characters/images may be renamed if deemed inappropriate or could interfere with the tournament system.
  • WG reserves the right to change inappropriate team names.
  • By participating, you agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions, as stated above and by the official tournament rules.

Remakes & Server Issues

  • A technical or server issue is any instance where the server is unable to correctly dieliver the tournament battle, impeding tournament progress for all teams.
  • If server issues cause a missed battle, it will be resolved one of two ways. Please be sure to check the forums for how any issues will be resolved.
    1. The tournament admin will reschedule the battle. The battle will be rescheduled within 30 minutes.
    2. The battle will not be rescheduled and teams will play one fewer battle. Scores will be adjusted, if needed, to account for the missed battle.
  • Map, team size and tier settings cannot be adjusted once the tournament begins.
    • Map settings are valid and the matches will count, even if set incorrectly.
    • Team and tier settings are NOT valid unless they match the tournament page. If possible, the tournament will be rescheduled with the correct team and tier setting. If not possible, the tournament will be cancelled and all players will be compensated.
  • If players need to be compensated for technical issues, they will receive a maximum of 250 gold as compensation.


  • A player will only receive a prize if they won at least one battle during the tournament.
  • Prizes are awarded to players as quickly as possible.
  • It can take up to 7 days after the tournament has concluded before players are credited with their prize.
  • If it has been more than seven days OR if there is a problem with the prize, please contact tournaments@wargamingamerica.com.
Useful Links

Useful Links

Tournament winners

Team Team Captain Captain Game server Game server Registration option Registration option


Place Reward
**Awards for the Upper Playoff**
1st Place 5000 Gold
2nd Place 4000 Gold
3rd - 4th Place 2500 Gold
5th - 8th Place 2000 Gold
9th - 16th Place 1000 Gold
17th place - 32nd Place 750 Gold
*Additional prizes may be added, depending on number of teams
**Awards for Lower Playoffs**
1st Place 1000 Gold
2nd Place 750 Gold
3rd - 4th Place 500 Gold
5th - 8th Place 250 Gold
9th - 16th Place 2 Experience Personal Reserves
*Additional prizes may be added, depending on number of teams

Tournament brackets

Too many teams to create a bracket: /64

There is no information regarding this stage.

Too many teams to create a bracket: /32

There is no information regarding this stage.


If you are registered for a tournament, log in to check the match schedule.

If you are registered for a tournament, log in to check the match schedule.

If you are registered for a tournament, log in to check the match schedule.

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