Take a Road Trip from July 1 at 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT | 06:20 PT until July 11 at 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT | 06:20 PT, collect Miles, and exchange them for sweet rewards!

Travel Map


Travel Diary

Day 1. Montreal, Canada – Bonjour! Welcome to the 2nd largest city in Canada, home of the NHL team with the most Stanley Cup wins of them all. Make sure to catch the view from the scenic Mont-Royal!
Day 2. Niagara Falls, Canada/U.S.A. – No road trip through the Northeast is complete without a visit to the iconic Niagara Falls! Just don’t get too close – that 50 meter drop is quite the plummet.
Day 3. Bunker Hill – Deep in the heart of Charlestown, the oldest neighborhood in Boston, lies the site of the legendary Battle of Bunker Hill, one of the most important conflicts in the Revolutionary War. Take a trip down the Freedom Trail and re-enact Paul Revere’s midnight ride!
Day 4. Washington D.C. – The heart of the US government is chock full of monuments, architecture, and museums, including the Smithsonian!
Day 5. Giant Campbell’s Soup Can – Nestled outside of Campbell’s headquarters in Ohio is the world’s biggest can of Campbell’s Soup! Anyone else suddenly hungry for a grilled cheese sandwich?
Day 6. Jolly Green Giant Statue – Another large symbol of kitchen staples in American households is the aptly named Jolly Green Giant statue in southern Minnesota!
Day 7. Mount Rushmore National Memorial – Nothing else quite symbolizes Americana than Mount Rushmore! This patriotic colossal sculpture took 14 years to complete.
Day 8. Yellowstone National Park – America’s first national park still stands as one of its most beautiful. Its nearly 9,000 square kilometers contain the world’s oldest bison herd!
Day 9. Idaho Potato Museum – Bring some sour cream and chives to Blackfoot, Idaho for a celebration of all things spud!
Day 10. Bonneville Salt Flats – This vast salt flat is nearly 20 km long, holding an estimated 147 million tons of salt. This grand vista of sodium chloride hosts the yearly US Flight Archery championships!

How It Works

  • Collect Miles by completing missions and exchange them for rewards in the special ingame store.
  • The event has 10 destinations. Each place is revealed daily: Log in on the page, click on the new location, and get a free Mile.
  • Three in-game missions are available each day; completing each one also gives you Miles.
  • Additional activities reward extra Miles—such as Leaderboards and a Historical Reenactment team-based contest.
Item Cost Limit per account
USA Tier VI TD T78, +100% Crew 50 1
2D style Redcoat 15 1
2D style Revolutionary 15 1
2D style Star Spangled 12 1
2D style Dominion 12 1
2D style Songkran 12 1
2D style Touchdown 12 1
2D style Diversity 15 1
2D style Rat Rod 15 1
2D style Roaring Waves 15 1
2D style Sakura Storm 12 1
2D style Semper Feles 12 1
1 day of WoT Premium Account 12 1
Pack of Large Consumables:
- 5x Large Repair Kits
- 5x Large First Aid Kits
9 3
Pack of Small Consumables:
- 3x Small Repair Kits
- 3x Small First Aid Kits
3 10
2× Personal Reserves: +300% Crew XP (1 hour) 6 3
2× Personal Reserves: +100% XP (1 hour) 6 3
2× Personal Reserves: +300% Free XP (1 hour) 6 3
3× Personal Reserves: +50% Credits (1 hour) 15 2
1x Garage Slot 3 2

Daily In-Game Missions

Road Trip. Part 1
Road Trip. Part 2
Road Trip. Part 3


  • 1x Mile


  • Be one of the top 10 XP earners on your team in a battle.


  • Grand and Random Battles
  • Once per day
  • Tier IV-X vehicles


  • 2x Miles


  • Be one of the top 7 XP earners onyour team in 4 battles.


  • Complete Mission Road Trip. Part 1
  • Grand and Random Battles
  • Once per day
  • Tier IV-X vehicles


  • 3x Miles


  • Be one of the top 5 XP earners on your team in 2 battles.


  • Complete Mission Road Trip. Part 2
  • Grand and Random Battles
  • Once per day
  • Tier IV-X vehicles

Historical Reenactment

Take part in a special Historical Reenactment to get more Miles and earn one of new 2D styles “Redcoat” or “Revolutionary”. Starting July 3 at 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT | 06:20 ET, players have 24 hours to register for the Historical Reenactment. To register, visit this page and choose a team (Red or Blue).
The mission phase runs from July 4-7. Complete the mission as many times as you can during those three days to help your team win. Every hour we will update the status of the progress for each team here.
On July 8, the winning team will receive a 2D style. To get the style you must complete the mission at least once.


All players who collect at least 1 Mile during the entire event will be placed on the Leaderboard that is updated daily. At the end of the event, the top 1,000 players will receive extra Miles that can be spent until July 14 at 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT | 06:20 ET:
  • 1st–10th Place: 50 Miles each
  • 11th–100th Place: 35 Miles each
  • 101st–1000th Place: 15 Miles each
If multiple players have collected the same number of Miles, they will be ranked in order of the most damage they have achieved per battle in a completed mission.
Reward Miles will be credited on July 12.