What’s The Anonymizer?

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If you play World of Tanks regularly, you might recall some situations when a certain degree of privacy is needed — and most of those examples relate to battles. Let’s take a closer look.

Newcomers, Streamers, and Skilled Players

Many Commanders just play for fun. They don't have a very high win ratio compared to skilled players, and teammates may criticize them for not playing "well enough."

On the other hand, an experienced player who knows all the maps and characteristics of different vehicles may become a priority target for adversaries. Their experience may be decisive in battle, so the enemy will try to eliminate them first.

Our contributors and streamers have also frequently requested a feature to play with a bit more comfort. Any player can go into battle with a streamer on some fine day. Both the allies and the enemy notice famous players, and they often become the primary target everybody wants to destroy. Even if allies are no longer a problem since we disabled friendly fire, the enemy will still focus their fire on the contributor or streamer.

The Anonymizer can help with these issues by addressing sources of negativity and allowing you to enjoy the game in peace.

How It Works

The Anonymizer works only during battles. You select the relevant option in the game settings and activate it.

The feature is enabled and disabled in the following modes:

ENABLED for these modes: DISABLED for these modes:
  • All Random Battle Types:
    • Assault
    • Encounter
    • Grand Battles
    • Standard
  • Frontline
  • PvE
  • PvP
  • Ranked Battles
  • Stronghold Battles:
    • Advance
    • Skirmish
  • Bootcamp
  • Global Map
  • Team Training
  • Tournament Battles

The game generates a random username each battle. It's not a random set of characters, but a plausible nickname that more or less makes sense, so other players won't even notice you have the Anonymizer activated. They will realize you were using it only after the battle when they want to see your statistics.

You will still see your real nickname, while the random username suggested by the Anonymizer will be displayed to your teammates and adversaries. Take a look:

Playing in Platoons

The Anonymizer can work both with static and dynamic platoons. Use caution when choosing your platoon-mates, however, because your hidden information may be disclosed in battle if they (or you) use third-party software.

Let’s Take the Game Seriously!

We hope you enjoy this new feature and it makes the game more enjoyable. We want to remind you of the Fair Play Policy. Using the Anonymizer isn't a reason to abuse the rules and EULA and make the game less enjoyable for responsible players. The feature doesn't make you invisible, so the Administration may take action against players exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior. One measure we can take is to block the use of the Anonymizer for the player — temporarily or permanently.

We hope the Anonymizer makes the game more enjoyable and helps you avoid toxicity in different game situations. See you on the battlefield!

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