Update 1.18: Map Balance Improvements


We're constantly working on making the gameplay on Random Battles maps more enjoyable and comfortable. In Update 1.18, we'll improve a total of 14 locations, including Berlin, Himmelsdorf, Pearl River, Murovanka, and many more. Some maps were noticeably reworked, while others underwent less significant or even selective balance adjustments. During Update 1.18's Common Test, you have the opportunity to assess all these improvements and share your feedback.

Extensive Map Changes

The most extensive changes were made to the following six maps. Check them out below!

Interactive image. Hover your cursor over the objects on the minimap to view additional information. Objects on the minimap are for informational purposes only. Their positions can change at the beginning of each Phase.
Pearl River

This map underwent changes meant to make gameplay more comfortable for slow vehicles moving toward the clash area at the aircraft carrier. The number of covers on the way has been increased, allowing players to lose fewer hit points or even pass without taking any damage at all. Covers have been added in squares D1–D2 and E1–E2.

Covers have been added in squares C5–C6 and B5–B6.

In square K6, SPGs on the southern team can provide better support to their allies on the serpentine road. (The same is also true for the opposite side.)

A small cover—a rock—has been added for playing hull-down and controlling the central position.

The central passageway has been improved. The access route to the mountain from the southern base has been balanced (for both MTs and LTs), and the central way has been broadened to ensure easier maneuvers and better access to the mountain.

In square E8, the shape of the slope has been changed to make the way down toward the center of the map easier.

The terrain has been changed to make the way up the hill more convenient.

For the northern team, a cavity has been added in squares D9–D0 for an easier approach to the positions behind the castle, as well as for taking a defensive position or retreating in case of an attack by the southern team.

In square E9 on the northern team's side, a position for hull-down play has been added. It allows for repelling the southern team's attacks. (The same is also true for the opposite side.)

The shape of the castle's corner in square E9 has been changed for easier sidescraping. A wall section that complicated attacks from both sides has been removed.

The cover has been reworked to make combat more playable. A space has been created to support the central courtyard and hold off an attack across the bridge. (The same is also true for the opposite side.)

The area to hold back attacks has been reworked and expanded.

The area between buildings has been expanded for more comfortable vehicle movement.

The shape of the balcony in square C6 has been changed to provide opportunities that are similar to those of the balcony in square C5.

For the northern team, a way to safely leave the scouting positions in squares D6–D7 has been added.

The access route to the zeppelin for heavy tanks is now better protected against fire coming from other directions.

In square B9, the position for the northern team's tank destroyers has been reworked. The number of trees that made it possible to fire at the main point of encounter for heavy tanks (under the zeppelin) without being spotted has been decreased.

The area along the western border of the map has been reworked. It now provides enough room for the maneuvers of more vehicles (both HTs and MTs).

The arrival of slow vehicles has become safer due to changes in the terrain and covers added in squares C3, D2, F2, and G2. The terrain in the clash areas now provides more intermediate covers in squares E3 and F3.

The terrain in square F8 has been changed to keep the southern team's vehicles from being spotted too early and during maneuvers.

The terrain in square H9 has been reworked to protect the point of encounter in the forest from fire from square K9.

Some foliage has been removed so that players can see the positions from which the enemy can fire at them.

Improvements to Gameplay Experience

We also improved several other battlefields. These changes are less significant but still noteworthy.

1. Ghost Town

The main clash area for heavy vehicles is covered from shells of tank destroyers firing from the map border. Structures were added to the map in squares H7 and C7:

Also, certain structures were moved in squares E7 and F7:

2. Paris

For the initial stage of the battle, the time interval for shooting from square E3 at heavy tanks moving in square J7 was reduced. In square H7, a platform (balcony) was added that completely or partially covers vehicles moving toward the clash area of heavy tanks. The platform itself is also accessible:

The corner building in square G6 was moved closer to the edge of the square:

3. Abbey

The ability to "hoist up" to an area not intended for playing was removed in square E5:

Selective Balance Adjustments

The following group includes maps that received selective balance changes:

1. Lakeville

A position for light tanks next to the structure in square G7 was improved. This small structure shift now allows scouts to track enemy vehicle maneuvers in the urban area. In this square, we also added a bush to facilitate recon in the map center.

The terrain was reworked in square F2. Now, vehicles on the southern team can move along the mountain.

2. Karelia

The distance between the rocks in squares A3 and C1 was changed.

The shape of the rocks was changed, and a gameplay bush was added in square B4.

3. El Halluf

A rock was added in square A1, allowing players on the southern team to play hull-down and fire at the opponents along line A. The northern team has a similar position in this square.

4. Serene Coast

Vehicles that fall into the water in square J7 can now drive out.

5. Siegfried Line

The spawn points for vehicles in Assault Battles were changed to allow the attacking team to take control of a bigger map area than before. The capture circle was moved closer to the center of the urban area.

The terrain was reworked in square A6.

6. Murovanka

For Encounter Battles in squares E3–F4, the base was moved in order to improve the balance of the position that allows for control of the capture circle.

7. Redshire

For Assault Battles, some balance changes were made to improve the positions of the defending team. The base and spawn points of vehicles on both teams were moved.

8. Berlin

Map removed from Encounter Battle mode.

Join the Common Test to explore these improved maps before the official release of Update 1.18! We're excited to see how teams will use these changes to their advantage and implement new tactics in battles. As soon as the update goes live, roll out and share your feedback!

Stay tuned as we keep improving the maps for Random Battles!

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