Update 1.16.1: Common Test 4 is Here!


The fourth Common Test of Update 1.16.1 is now available.

List of Changes CT4


Main Changes

Art of Strategy

  • For the 1v7 format, the parameters of some Defenses were changed:
    • Durability of the Flamethrower was reduced to 1,500 HP.
    • Durability of the MG Turret was reduced to 1,800 HP.
    • Durability of the Gun Turret was reduced to 2,600 HP.
  • Number of Flamethrowers, AT Guns, and MG Turrets were reduced by 1 unit each.

Fixed Issues and Improvements

Art of Strategy

  • Fixed the issue of the vehicle configuration not switching during the countdown before battle when using a mouse.
  • Fixed the issue of the durability indicator highlighting a destroyed Defense in red when the Defense re-entered the player's draw circle radius.
  • Fixed the issue of some players on the Tankers team not being displayed when playing as the Strategist in the 1v7 format.
  • Fixed the issue of Battle Performance stats not being displayed in the Battle Results window.
  • Fixed the issue of camera movement and vehicle control difficulties occurring when playing as the Strategist with an SPG in the squad.
  • Fixed the issue of the battle mode selector not operating in the Garage when completing the fourth stage of the Bootcamp.
  • Fixed the issue in the game reports where the number of times direct vehicle control was taken appeared lower than the number of times direct vehicle control was withdrawn.
  • Fixed the issue of the ratings being displayed incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed the issue of the view range, spotting range, and draw circles not being displayed on the minimap after the destruction of a vehicle.

Join the Common Test

  • How the CT Works
  • Test Client
How the CT Works

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Eligibility: All players registered prior to 13:59 PT | 15:59 CT | 16:59 ET on March 13 can participate in the test.

Feedback: Please post your bug reports and general feedback on the test version in the special thread on our forum.

Test Client

In order to participate in the test using the Wargaming.net Game Center, use this link.

  • The Wargaming.net Game Center will download all the additional data
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