Update 1.13: Common Test 2


Common Test 1.13 in full swing!

Common Tests provide us with valuable feedback to help us prepare for the release of the update to the main servers. Many changes have already proven their value and usefulness to World of Tanks and its players, but several questions still need answers.

We want to thank you for your involvement so far, and tell you about the additions to the mechanics of inflicting damage with HE shells we wish to add to CT2. We're ready to answer frequently asked questions and consider any suggestions you may have.

What will change during CT2?

The effective penetration of the HE shell after passing through spaced armor will be reduced. In the previous version of the mechanics, the drop in armor penetration depended on the thickness of the screen. Now, the reduction will depend on the thickness of the screen and a multiplier.

Our main goal since the first Sandbox was to reduce the damage dealt to tanks frontally, and we did it. Now, we want to balance the penetration chance and amount of damage done to more vulnerable areas on a vehicle that may usually be covered by spaced armor (screens, external modules and tracks, for example).

The probability of penetrating the main armor after the HE shell penetrates the screen will greatly decrease, especially for vehicles with weak side armor. Therefore, the likelihood of receiving a lot of damage when penetrated by a HE shell will also be lower.

The effective penetration of the HE shell after passing through spaced armor is reduced by the thickness of the spaced armor, times three*. For example:

  • In CT1: A HE shell with 100 mm penetration once it passed through 20 mm of spaced armor was left with 80 mm of penetration to the main armor.
  • In CT2: A HE shell with 100 mm penetration after it passes through 20 mm of spaced armor is left with 40 mm of penetration to the main armor.


* We may need to make additional adjustments to this multiplier during the Common Test to find its optimal value.

Please note it may take time to reconfigure the penetration indicator according to the new changes. The penetration of screens and external modules may not always work correctly during CT2.

How will these changes affect the live server?

Introducing any changes to artillery and HE shell mechanics will affect the entire game environment. We understand your feedback and concerns and will consider any future changes once the new mechanic is implemented into the game.

We'll collate statistical criteria for each group of vehicles, including changes in inflicting damage, efficiency, tanking damage, and other factors, and consider which changes are necessary for an individual vehicle or groups of vehicles. The process has three stages:

  1. Collection of statistics from the live server.
  2. Identification of specific vehicles that require edits.
  3. Preparation for and testing of those edits.

HE Shell Changes

  • Medium and low Tier vehicles with HE-based gameplay: Currently, there's insufficient data on these vehicles from the Sandbox and CT1 to decide on any changes to the performance characteristics of these vehicles. We'll carefully monitor the situation after the release and implement changes if necessary.
  • Changes in the performance characteristics of HE vehicles: Based on the current data from the Common Test, our changes had a positive effect on the efficiency of these vehicles. We'll therefore leave them in the release version, but also carefully and separately monitor the performance indicators on each vehicle after the release.
  • Heavily armored vehicles, in particular the Object 279 early and T95/FV4201 Chieftain: The main damage caused to these vehicles is not typically from HE shells; therefore, the impact to the combat effectiveness of these vehicles should be minimal. Inflicting damage on the vehicles' frontal armor with HE shells will become more difficult, but this is the expected outcome from a design point of view.

SPG Changes

  • The value of armor penetration for alternative HE shells: In general, SPGs exhibit no deviations or increases in efficiency. We'll consider the penetration values of the alternative HE shells to ensure they remain functional, comparable to the standard HE shells. We'd like to maintain parity in the use of HE shells and not make one more effective than the other. With this in mind, we do not plan to make any changes to the stun potential of the standard shell. Of course, such significant changes in performance characteristics will require additional monitoring of the effectiveness of individual SPGs both during the Common Test and after the release.
  • Personal Missons: We agree these changes could potentially affect the complexity of Personal Missions. To understand the specifics and degree of change after the release, we'll collect data and make edits where necessary.
  • Sound intelligence and other mechanics: Currently, two of the three mechanics for counteracting artillery are available to players by default: Bright shell tracers and field of fire markers on the minimap. The third mechanic is available as a Commander Perk. We considered the possibility of giving this skill to the Radio Operator, but not all vehicles have a Radio Operator, and in those cases, the role is given to the Commander. However, we understand the Commander is currently the busiest crew member, and this forces players to choose other useful Perks. This is why we're now actively reworking Crew 2.0, where our efforts are also aimed at resolving the workload problem among crew members.
  • The American branch of SPGs: We'll make adjustments to the M44 before going to release. Afterward we'll monitor the statistics for the other American SPGs and make changes where necessary.

We value your participation in the testing and discussion of the proposed changes more than ever. Jump in and participate in CT2, and share your feedback!

Preliminary List of Changes CT2


Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • An increased coefficient of armor penetration loss for HE shells fired by tanks and tank destroyers is now applied. When interacting with destructible obstacles (external modules, screens) the penetration of HE shells is reduced by a value that is equal to three times the thickness of the obstacle.
  • Added filtering by friends and clanmates in the Season Leaderboard of Ranked Battles.
  • Fixed the issue of recruited American or British crew members (received for a completed mission or in exchange for national fragments) having a Soviet crew skin.
  • Fixed the issue due to which the text "Select a unique style as a reward for the completed Stages" was displayed in the Battle Pass window after selecting a unique 3D style.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of damage values ​​for the AP M111 and HE M101M2 shells in the 155 mm Gun M1918M1 for the M12 (American SPG).
  • Fixed some localization issues.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

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