Challenge Yourself with the Reworked Daily Missions!

With the release of Update 1.8, we introduced a new set of regular Daily Missions for Random Battles. We’ve been closely monitoring the statistics of their completion while tracking your feedback on this feature.

After carefully analyzing the data obtained, we came to the conclusion that the rewards for these missions were not valuable enough for most players, so we decided to increase them. The difficulty of these missions has also been increased to reflect the new, more valuable rewards. You will earn more useful in-game items while also getting an additional opportunity to hone your tanking skills by performing more challenging and engaging tasks.

The prizes for completing Bonus Missions will also become better and more valuable. In addition to bonds, credits, and other goodies, we've added Training Booklets, blueprint fragments, and crew skins to the reward pool. By the way, completing Daily Missions is currently the only way to get crew skins and customize your crew members!

There will also be an increase in the variety of Epic Rewards that you receive for completing 45 standard, Premium, or Bonus missions. In addition to days of WoT Premium Account and bonds, you can now get your hands on a Personal Training Manual and items of new Equipment, including:


Improved Hardening

Improved Aiming

These prizes are worth fighting for! By diligently completing Daily Missions, you will be one step closer to earning truly valuable items.

The new Daily Missions conditions and rewards, including Epic Rewards, will be available after completing/rerolling your current missions.