Field Modification: Sandbox Results


We would like to thank you for your active participation in the Sandbox of Field Modification. Your endless enthusiasm and engagement enabled us to collect valuable in-game statistics and understand how you interact with this new game mechanic. At the same time, the feedback you shared with us through the survey, forums, and social media helped us understand how you feel about the feature and the areas of improvement. Now that the dust on the Sandbox battlefields has settled, it is time for us to outline our next steps. 

Preliminary Results 

Preliminary survey results, as well as direct feedback, show us roughly 75% of players liked the key mechanics of Field Modification and were positive about the addition of this feature into the main game. In particular, players generally appreciated the new opportunity to fine-tune their favorite vehicles to their personal playstyle. Players confirmed the new role system used in Field Modification broadly matches the main functions of vehicles, and basing modification bonuses on vehicle roles was the right choice on our end. Moreover, tankers have expressed a great interest in the ability to add a second configuration of consumables, shells, equipment, and directives, and switch between the configurations before battle start to better adapt to the upcoming battle. 

The preliminary data we see inspire great optimism, as it shows players grasped the core mechanics of Field Modification and found them useful for their vehicles.

Main Topics for Discussion 

We've identified the main topics where many players focus their attention, namely: 

  • Concerns about higher bonuses from standard modifications for Tier IX and X vehicles that increase power disparity across vehicle tiers. 
  • Improvements to parameters are perceived as excessive for certain vehicles, such as SPGs, some heavy tanks, wheeled vehicles, and others. 
  • Perceived unbalanced choices in some dual modifications.
  • Some commanders worry about the costs of increasing Field Modification levels and purchasing dual modifications across various vehicle Tiers. 
  • Questions regarding the limitations to category selection for the second equipment slot. 
  • Concerns about loadout selection being limited to the 30-seconds countdown before battle start. 

What’s Next? 

We now have a clear task: To carefully examine all aspects of Field Modification based on the data collected from the Sandbox and develop optimal solutions for our players. It will take us some time to analyze the numbers and match them with your feedback. We'll focus our attention on the topics listed above and keep you informed on future developments of Field Modification. 

We thank you for your dedication and willingness to devote your efforts to making World of Tanks a better game. Your feedback is invaluable for us in this endeavor!

Roll Out!

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