[Sandbox] New Balance Test Results


Thanks for taking an active part in testing and discussing the New Balance test on the Sandbox server. We emphasize the changes tested on Sandbox will not end up on live servers in their current state.

Starting February 10, we watched player reactions and feedback via forums, social media, and YouTube. Discussions suggest the overall key idea of Sandbox does work, as players had a chance to test, discuss, and assess suggested changes before they are implemented into the main version of the game.

Feedback, Questions, Doubts

The tested complex rebalance raised several reasonable doubts and questions. Here are the recurring concerns:

Shell and HP Pool Rebalance

  • How will this impact gameplay?
  • Will vehicles at the bottom of the team list have an even harder time in battle? Will Tier VIII fight against Tier X vehicles with the same level of performance?
  • Which vehicles will become more relevant in the new system, and which ones less relevant?
  • What will happen to vehicles with low-penetration values for standard "stock" shells, like the T69 and Т-44?
  • How will everything impact Premium vehicles?

We understand and share the concerns about these issues. The main idea was to check the state of the balance with increased HP and adjusted armor before individually tuning vehicles, which may affect the general balance. Thanks to Sandbox testing, we now have the necessary data to proceed with our research.

Changes to HE Shells

Players correctly noted the new mechanics of causing damage with HE shells were incomprehensible and unpredictable, which means the implementation of this idea did not achieve the desired effect. It was also a mistake to remove penetration from the HE shell parameters.

We wanted to rework the mechanics of causing damage with HE shells and some specific parameters of this shell type.

SPG Rebalance

The tested SPG rebalance makes sense only in conjunction with the shell rebalance. We’ll return to the SPG rebalance once a new solution for the shell rebalance is crafted.

One thing is certain: Armor-piercing shells ended up ineffective and undesirable in the current shell paradigm.

It’s clear the new paradigm of shells and reworked HP pool of vehicles, together with the mechanics of HE shells and the SPG rebalance, require further improvement and are not ready for release in their current state.

Confirmed Hypotheses

Tech Tree Changes and Collectors' Vehicles

The Tech Tree interface became more user-friendly and transparent. A universal scheme of vehicle distribution across types inside the Tree now exists. Players don't have to start researching a new branch starting from low-Tier vehicles — sparing time, XP, and effort for those primarily interested in high-Tier machines.

Player concerns were mainly related to the vehicles moved from the Tech Tree to the Collectors' Vehicles section of the in-game Store — leading to the assumption they would disappear from the game. We assure you that’s not going to happen.

If this change is implemented into the game, these vehicles, including Tiers VI–X, will be available for purchase with Credits. Players can buy them any time after the potential update goes live thereby eliminating the rush to research these vehicles.

Increased Durability for Low-Tier Vehicles

On the Sandbox server, we increased the durability of all Tier I–VI vehicles and made the gradual increase across Tiers smoother and more consistent.

The results fully justified our expectations. Player reports showed a reduction in the cost of mistakes during battle, and low-Tier vehicles now survive longer. Conversely, the average battle duration overall comfort of playing in these vehicles also increased. We’ll specify the exact values of the HP increase as soon the data from this test is analyzed.

What's Next?

The Sandbox server shuts down today. We have plenty of statistics and player feedback, and we are waiting for the questionnaire results. Thanks for taking the time to complete it — we hope you like the reward for helping us out!

We will not release the new balance as you saw it on Sandbox. We need some time to conduct a complex analysis and understand what to change first.

Several solutions we implemented on the Sandbox server were spot-on, but some still need adjustment. As a result:

  • We’ll proceed with the durability increase for low-Tier vehicles, the update of the Tech Tree, and the implementation of Collectors' Vehicles; details are coming soon.
  • Other changes, including those to shells and SPGs, require a thorough review, and will not be implemented anytime soon.

We’re also keeping in mind vehicles that were supposed to be checked when the new balance test occurs. We'll be ready to talk about future steps and potential updates for all features and vehicles around mid-March.

Once again: Any global changes will not go into release without testing by players first.

Thanks again for participating and all the important feedback: It keeps us moving in the right direction and making the right decisions!