The State of Crew 2.0


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your engagement in testing Crew 2.0 in the Sandbox. Thank you for your feedback, time, and involvement. Community participation in the Sandbox and input across all online platforms enabled us to collect a significant amount of data and feedback.

What's going on right now?

As of now, no decision has been made regarding the future of Crew 2.0. We continue to process the collected data that will affect our future decision-making. We have a lot to do and we'll update you on further developments as we work out specific solutions.

What's next?

One thing is certain: The new Crew system will not be released to production servers at least for six months—and will only be considered as part of our 2022 plans should a future iteration meet our expectations.

Once we process all the data, we will need time to elaborate potential changes based on your feedback and collected information, then test them. All decisions regarding Crew 2.0 will be communicated and tested together with the community. This was and remains the main condition for the release of the feature.

Our deepest gratitude to everyone who paid attention to Crew 2.0, shared their feedback, and helped us improve this feature.