Crew 2.0: Sandbox Results

Testing of Crew 2.0 on Sandbox is now complete, and, once again, we thank you for your active participation in the development of World of Tanks.

We received a lot of questions, comments, and suggestions from players: Clearly the proposed concept did not leave anyone indifferent.

It's obvious Crew 2.0 requires further improvements.

The main changes we proposed in the current Sandbox will not be released in this form. We now need more time to keep working on them before we have a new version ready to present to you.

Preliminary Results

The preliminary survey results and direct feedback revealed the proposed changes did not receive the approval we were expecting from the community. Many players pointed out the need for significant changes and improvements to Crew 2.0. Some players agree with the idea of changing the crew, but they still have several concerns regarding the proposed version. Part of the player base did not like the concept at all, and their feedback largely consists of the same prior concerns.

Main Discussion Topics

We studied your feedback and highlighted the most discussed points:

  • Experience of a "zero-Skill" is not taken into account in the conversion
  • No bonus to crew qualifications for a fully trained commander
  • Randomness in the choice of instructor skills
  • Effectiveness of different skills in new and old systems
  • Unnecessary crews remaining from the old system

What's Next?

We're processing all the data collected in the Sandbox. We'll review it in detail, and then try to develop solutions that address concerns and bring satisfaction for all types of players. Depending on the results of this work, we’ll decide on a possible second iteration of testing Crew 2.0 on the Sandbox server. We’ll keep you informed of all details.

Once again, thank you for participating in the life of the game. It's your feedback and suggestions that help us work out various ideas and ultimately make World of Tanks better.

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