Get Rewards for Testing Crew 2.0's 2nd Iteration!


The ongoing tests for Crew 2.0's second iteration on the Sandbox server are crucial to define the shape of one of the key aspects of World of Tanks. To get the best results, we need your much-needed—and appreciated—help! 

We've prepared a diverse set of test activities so you can learn and share your thoughts—and earn valuable rewards while doing so. Check them out:

Crew 2.0: Sandbox Rewards


Join Forum & Discord Debates, Earn a 2D Style!

Joining the tests and filling out surveys give us crucial feedback used to decide our next steps. We also want to read what you have to say about Crew 2.0's second iteration in our dedicated official spaces.


If you're already in our official Discord channel, please head to the special chat we’ve created for Crew 2.0's second iteration; if you are not, please use the button below and follow the steps to get set-up:



You can also share your thoughts, and read those of other players, in our forums. Whether you want to report an issue with Crew 2.0 's second iteration, or give thoughts on a different topic, we've got you covered.


Commenting on either platform gives you the chance of being rewarded with a striking 2D style, "Rat Rod:"

See How Crew 2.0's Second Iteration Works, Get Twitch Drops!

Don’t have the time to download Sandbox and try Crew 2.0's second iteration? You can still learn what these tests are all about: Tune in to streams featuring our Community Contributors and earn some Twitch drops from Friday, July 23 at 06:00 PT | 08:00 CT | 09:00 ET until Monday, July 26 at 04:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET.

Participating Streamers

Click on each streamer's name in the following table to visit their channel and see when they're live:

WorldofTanksNA DamiensGaming Muscles1_TV vergara21
13Disciple Gr1zzly_OwO Overlord_Prime _Warchild_
Cody Menz JollyGrim RAP0S0_ Zotz
  English-language stream   Spanish-language stream   Portguese-language stream

Twitch Drops (guaranteed after the stated watch time):

  • After watching for 60 minutes
  • After watching for 90 minutes
  • After watching for 150 minutes
After watching for 60 minutes

You get these the following items:

  • 5× Personal Reserves: +200%Crew XP (1 hour)
After watching for 90 minutes

You get these the following items:

  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Large Repair Kit
After watching for 150 minutes

You get these the following item:

  • 1 DayWoT Premium Account
Note: Please check the contents are credited correctly into your account. Check how to properly link your account by clicking the following button:


Take advantage of the last days of Crew 2.0's second iterarion testing and share your thoughts with us for rewards. Only together can we decide the future of World of Tanks!

Roll Out!