Natural-Born Scouts: High-Tier British Light Tanks

The new high-tier British light tanks have what it takes to be some of the best scouts in World of Tanks. They sit among the smallest vehicles in the game, and combine high concealment rate with good mobility and great penetration values. If you play them right, you’ll become almost invisible to your enemies and give them a lot of trouble.

A Brief Historical Background  

In the 1950s and 60s, British military engineers were actively developing new modifications of light tanks. Projects of that time could be considered outstanding thanks to their unusual constructive solutions. For example, some tanks had oscillating turrets or very powerful large-caliber guns. However, most of these projects never left the drawing board, and few even reached the prototype stage. 

 With the introduction of the new branch, we're resurrecting the forgotten projects of British engineers. We carefully studied archival blueprints of light tanks of that era and selected the most interesting projects. Now you have the rare opportunity to play on historical machines that were never brought to life in metal, but have been recreated in our game with the greatest accuracy!

Let's take a closer look at the composition of the new branch and the key gameplay features of the new British scouts we’re introducing in Update 1.6.

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The GSR 3301 Setter

Researching the new light sub-branch will follow on from the Tier VI Cromwell, with the GSR 3301 Setter. This Tier VII vehicle is a transitional step from medium to light tanks. Its gameplay is very similar to that of medium vehicles, despite its light tank classification. Fast and agile, the GSR 3301 Setter also has considerable concealment values and boasts good penetration with both standard and special rounds.

An important feature of this tank is the rear-mounted turret. Be sure to take it into consideration when choosing a firing position.


This light Brit sitting at Tier VIII is in some way an improved version of the Tier VII vehicle. The LHMTV can brag about excellent penetration values with standard shells, one of the best among light tanks at Tier VIII. Playing on this tank, you can reliably deal damage even to well-armored vehicles, including medium and heavy tanks of your Tier.

Other characteristics of the LHMTV are also evolving. Its alpha damage is pretty nice, as well as the dynamics. Rely on great speed and high maneuverability, flank enemies and hit them from behind to make a great contribution to the victory of your team.


This is not an evolution, but a real revolution! The menacing GSOR3301 AVR FS with a very impressive view range will become almost invisible in the right hands. It also boasts great penetration values, allowing you to effectively hit targets from the bush cover. The GSOR3301 AVR FS can change flanks in a short amount of time and performs brilliantly as a natural-born passive scout.

The Manticore

By the way, we forgot to mention that the high-tier British light vehicles have a truly extravagant design. The Manticore, a Tier X vehicle, is no exception — the appearance of this tank is more than strange, isn't it? Here's what can happen if the mythical beast the Manticore decides to drink a cup of tea without milk.

But jokes aside! The Manticore is the crowning achievement of the British engineers of that era and the most dangerous vehicle of the entire branch. All characteristics of this Tier X tank — concealment, size, view range — are at their maximum values among all vehicles in the entire branch, which makes the Manticore the ultimate scout. Its 105 mm gun has 248 mm of penetration with standard rounds, so you can easily start hunting even heavily armored vehicles.  

It's best to use the Manticore for passive spotting, in which it is second to none. If necessary, you can easily enter a position that tank destroyers usually occupy and just stand still, waiting for your prey. Thanks to its tiny size and long view range, you will provide allies with very intensive spotting. Like other light tanks of the new branch, it also has excellent penetration values. 

However, always keep in mind that the Manticore cannot boast good gun stabilization during movement. Like other new British tanks, it is more suitable for firing when stationary, not while driving.

Gameplay Tips 

To make it easier for you to master these noble Brits, we've prepared some useful tips that will allow you to play more effectively.


All high-Tier British light tanks sacrifice armor for greater maneuverability: Take crucial positions, fire from behind a bush cover, or change flanks to operate with cunning and subtlety. You must choose your moments for doing damage, and not pretend to be a frontline warrior!


Always think in advance how to make a retreat if necessary... ...and don't take any reckless action when attacking or maneuvering. 


Choose your position on the map carefully: Your priority destinations are hidden places which you can reach much earlier than tank destroyers and take a very advantageous position to provide intelligence.


Mount additional equipment on your tank: First choose theBinocular Telescope and aCamouflage Net — these are life-saving devices.


Remember the new light vehicles have a limited ammo rack capacity: Make your shots count, and shoot accurately at the assigned targets. Every shot of yours must hit the enemy!

We’re sure these brave British light tanks will bring you enjoyable gameplay. Good luck on the battlefield, Commanders! 

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