Blueprints: Everything You Need to Know

Researching new tanks is always very exciting and we’re introducing a new feature Blueprints to make it better! By collecting these items, you can get discounts when researching new vehicles.

NOTE: The Blueprints concept is not final: It consists of several aspects and is under active development, so expect adjustments.

General Overview

Blueprints are special items (exclusive to Rewards for Merit) that drop with a certain probability when playing Tier V-X vehicles. They are not purchasable for Credits, Gold, or real money. 

Blueprints can be used to get discounts when you research new tanks, which means they save you time and boost your progression in the game. The discount, however, is applied to the vehicle's research cost, but not its modules!

The more effective you are in battle, the more likely you are to get a Reward for Merit, and each Blueprint you earn corresponds to a specific vehicle. These items are available for vehicles of all branches and nations from Tier II to Tier X, including vehicles you've already researched. 

NOTE: The higher the vehicle Tier, the more Blueprints it’s made up of and with every Blueprint you receive, your discount grows. This means if you collect every single Blueprint of a specific tank, you will receive a 100% XP discount on the research cost of the vehicle.

Blueprints for a specific tank are automatically applied and they immediately reduce the amount of XP needed to research it, but do not affect its cost in Credits. 

Track the Number of Collected Blueprints

To make it easier for you to keep track of how many Blueprints you’ve already collected for a specific tank, we’ll introduce a special progress bar, divided into sections. Each time you receive a Blueprint, one of the respective sections will be filled in.

If you earn a Blueprint for an already researched vehicle, it will turn into a universal or national Blueprint.

  • Universal Blueprints are suitable for tanks of any nation
  • National Blueprints can be used on vehicles of their respective nation

National and universal Blueprints won't give you discounts until they are converted to Blueprints for a specific vehicle. To do this, you will need a certain number of each.

For vehicles of different Tiers, the number and ratio of national and universal Blueprints will vary.

For example:

Create a Blueprint for: National BlueprintS Required: Universal Blueprints Required:
Tier IV vehicle 1 National Blueprint 4 Universal Blueprints
Tier V vehicle 2 National Blueprints 6 Universal Blueprints
Tier X tank 4 National Blueprints 12 Universal Blueprints

Interactive image. Assemble the blueprint and get a discount on vehicle research of up to 100%. Use or to apply different types of blueprint fragments. To research a vehicle, click (Research).
In Depot:
IV P26/40
Blueprint fragments:
1 / 4
Discount on research:
or 1040
Research without spending experience
How to Assemble:
Receive Rewards for Merit. Each one has a chance to contain a blueprint fragment.
The following fragments of this blueprint will be converted automatically:
The blueprint is partially assembled
Blueprint Assembled
IV P26/40
You have researched the vehicle!
Discount on research: 25%
Experience spent: 3120

Follow the progress of your vehicle research and Blueprints using the special tab in the Tech Tree.

Play, collect Blueprints, and get discounts when researching new vehicles!

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