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Ancient Weapon Sale: KV-220!

Ancient Weapon Sale | Conclave Resources

The Conclave provides the agents of its will with the proper tools for the job, and we hoped that fate would do the same. We stood in ceremony, as salvage teams unearthed machines from their resting places underneath Blackbeard’s cavern with giant tow-cables. Each Ancient Weapon was compact and well-armored, which would allow us to fight in small units where some of our previous vehicles may have struggled.

Our journey was soon coming to a close and we would need to adjust our tactics for the challenges to come. Every tool has its place, and this one would serve us well.


The KV-220 possesses the armor and hit points to turn the tide of any mid-tier battle. Capable of holding down a flank with very little support, the KV-220 has better frontal hull armor than even the KV-1 from the Soviet tech tree.

As its front and side armor are almost equally thick, you can angle your tank more aggressively to make your opponent’s life extra tricky. Advance towards your objective of choice, abuse nearby cover to force an opponent’s shots into your formidable hull, and lead your team to victory.

The KV-220 is the perfect trainer for the popular Soviet Heavy tank line and has exclusive access to a special x5 XP mission this weekend. Get your Ancient Weapon today!

Rare Tank: KV-220


Starts Tues. September 22 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends Thurs. October 1 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

Ancient Weapon - KV-220


Ancient Weapon - Exclusive Mission

Starts Friday, September 25 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends Monday, September 28 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET


Powering Up the Ancient Weapon

Destroy at least one (1) enemy vehicle in a single battle, and win.

  • Must be driving KV-220
  • Random battles only
  • Not available on daily first-win bonus
  • 4 times per day

x5 XP

Venture here to learn more about Tanks Through Time!

There is much about The Conclave that is a mystery. It was founded as an order of knights many generations ago and evolved into what it is today. How does a group even survive for that long? One thing is certain, The Conclave is always on the lookout for promising new treasure hunters and will lavishly reward those who serve them.
Perhaps that is its secret.
The gifts from The Conclave are the gifts that fuel the organization’s immortality…


Gifts From The Conclave

Ends Thursday, October 1 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

New Cards Accepted!
We now accept American Express, Diner's Club, Discovery and JCB for purchases made in the Premium Shop!

Conclave Requisition: Rising Hunter


  • 3 DaysPremium Acct.
  • 1,300


  • 1 DayPremium Acct.

Hunter Elite - Survival Kit


  • 30 DaysPremium Acct.
  • 6,000


  • 1,000


Ancient Weapon Schedule

September 1

MT VIII 59-Patton

September 8


September 15

TD VIII   Kanonenjagdpanzer

September 22

HT V  KV-220