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On Track to the Object 268 Premium Shop Bundles

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As we turn our attention to the Object 268 this month, we have a number of great Premium Shop bundles to go along with our talk of this great tank. Get big discounts on Gold, tanks, and items!

Bundles Begin: 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT) on October 1, 2013

Bundles End: 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT) on October 15, 2013

New Tank Prep Kit - $7.99

As the name says, this bundle of Gold and Credits may be best used to upgrade a new tank in your arsenal, purchase a garage slot, or move and re-train a crew for a new tank.


Kit Out Your Object 268 - $12.69

Thanks to this equipment, you will become the sniper the Object 268 was always meant to be. With the Large Caliber Gun Rammer reducing reload time, combined with the Camo Net and the Binocular Telescope, you can increase your camoufalge rating and view range to a sniper-friendly level of stealth on the battlefield.

Large Caliber Gun Rammer
Binocular Telescope
Camouflage Net

On Track Prep Kit - $20.49

Got your eye on any of the tanks in our On Track lineup? Treat them well with a bunch of Gold and Credits and two week's worth of Premium! The 50% bonus on Credits earned and XP gain will help you get that much closer to the Object 268 before the end of the event.

14 days of Premium

Pocket Change - $22.99

A bit of Gold and a big bag of Credits are offered in this bundle. 


Trunk Full of Gold and Credits - $36.29

Want more? Get a bigger pile of Gold and Credits with this bundle!


Gold and Credit Supply Drop - $67.49

The care package you've been waiting for. Get even more Gold and Credits in this bulky bundle!


Buy It Now Bundle - $79.49

The big kahuna of currency bundles. This gives you enough Gold and Credits to go hog wild in your garage!


On Track Bundle #1 - $31.69

This tier VII Premium tank destroyer is a beast on the battlefield. With its high rate of fire and damage output, the SU-122-44 can hit like nobody's business. Beydon the power of its shells, this TD can be used to advance the training of any of your Soviet TD crews without having to re-train them, all while filling your depot with increased Credits.

VII SU-122-44 SU-122-44282,000
Garage slot

On Track Bundle #2 - $17.29

While this tier VI tank destroy may look like a large box on treads, it has surprising speed and agility for its size, and has the most hit points of any other TD in its tier. Take advantage of the extra Credits this Premium vehicle earns while advancing the training of any of your Soviet TD crews.

VI SU-100Y SU-100Y 142,000
Garage slot

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