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On Track to the M48A1 Patton: Premium Shop Bundles

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The next tank in our On Track series is the M48A1 Patton, the tier X American medium with a heart of steel. Along with our special event, we have the regular round-up of bundles on sale in the Premium Shop!

Bundles Begin: 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT) on November 1, 2013

Bundles End: 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT) on November 15, 2013

New Tank Prep Kit - $7.99

This aptly-named bundle of Gold and Credits may be best used to upgrade a new tank in your arsenal. This bundle includes enough Gold to purchase a Garage slot and move and retrain your entire crew for a new tank.

1 day of Premium

On Track Prep Kit - $20.49

Got your eye on any of the tanks in our On Track lineup? Treat them well with a bunch of Gold and Credits and two week's worth of Premium! The 50% bonus on Credits earned and XP gain will help you get that much closer to the AMX 50 B before the end of the event.

14 days of Premium
Plus two FREE days of Premium

Kit Out Your M48A1 Patton - $12.09

Thanks to this equipment, you will become the sniper the M48A1 Patton was always meant to be. With the Medium Caliber Gun Rammer to reduce your reload time, the Vertical Stabilizer to keep your gun accurate on the move, and the Improved Ventilation will help improve all of your crew skills.

Medium Caliber Gun Rammer
Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1
Class 2 Ventilation
2 days of Premium

Pocket Change - $22.99

A bit of Gold and a big bag of Credits are offered in this bundle. 


Trunk Full of Gold and Credits - $36.29

Want more? Get a bigger pile of Gold and Credits with this bundle!


Gold and Credit Supply Drop - $67.49

The care package you've been waiting for. Get even more Gold and Credits in this bulky bundle!


Buy It Now Bundle - $79.49

The big kahuna of currency bundles. This gives you enough Gold and Credits to go wild in your garage!


On Track Bundle #1 - $33.49

The T26E4 SuperPershing is an American medium tank that has gone through some changes recently, though is still a force to be reckoned with. The spaced frontal armor makes facing one of these from the front an exercise in frustration. Avoid tanks with high penetration values, as well as tanks with accurate guns that will be able to pinpoint your fairly inconspicuous weak spots. Players who use the excellent gun depression and high fire rate to their advantage will enjoy quick Credit earnings and crew advancement with this tier VIII Premium.

VIII T26E4 SuperPershing T26E4 SuperPershing Garage Slot
4 Days of Premium 

On Track Bundle #2 - $10.69

The Ram II is the only Canadian-designed and produced vehicle available in World of Tanks. A tier V Premium American medium, it boasts more armor than the M4 Sherman, and has similarly quick performance and acceleration, allowing you to defend and attack in equal measure. The 6-pdr gun fires quickly and with good accuracy, but lacks penetration capability, so keep in mind that you will not always destroy enemy tanks in one hit. Such a gun is best-suited to engaging scouts, or hitting the side armor of other enemy tanks. The Ram II is suitable for medium-distance fights and is an excellent trainer for American medium tank crews, while having great earning potential for its tier.

V Ram II Ram II Garage Slot
1 Day of Premium 

On Track Bundle #3 - $6.69

The M22 Locust is a tier III American light tank designed for airborne glider missions during World War II. Light and fast, The M22 Locust can quickly reach and maintain its incredible top speed of 64 kph on varied terrain. Lacking a truly powerful gun for its tier, and having a smaller view range, it is actually a joy to drive. This tank is suited for tankers who want to go fast, shoot reliably on the move, and learn the basics of scouting. The M22 Locust is a perfect tank to train your American light crew and earn some extra Credits along the way.

III M22 Locust M22 Locust Garage Slot
1 Day of Premium 

On Track Bundle #4 - $5.89

Muhammad Ali once said, "Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee." The T2 light tank epitomizes this. It's a fast and agile tank equipped with a rapid-fire cannon. It will allow you to buzz across the battlefield, lighting targets for your team. Keep your speed up, because slowing down too much can lead to disastrous results. You can use the T2 to help advance the training of any American light tank crew while earning extra Credits. 

II T2 Light Tank T2 Light Tank Garage Slot
1 Day of Premium 

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