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On Track to the Medium Tank 121: Premium Shop Bundles

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Our bundles for this half of the month are themed around our latest On Track entry on the 121 medium tank, and we have another fine Chinese tank, the T-34-3 discounted in the Premium Shop. 

Bundles Begin: 03:00 PST (06:00 EST) on December 2, 2013

Bundles End:  03:00 PST (06:00 EST) on December 16, 2013

New Tank Prep Kit - $7.99

This aptly-named bundle of Gold and Credits may be best used to upgrade a new tank in your arsenal. This bundle includes enough Gold to purchase a Garage slot and move and retrain your entire crew for a new tank.

Plus one FREE day of Premium

On Track Prep Kit - $20.49

Got your eye on any of the tanks in our On Track lineup? Treat them well with a bunch of Gold and Credits and two week's worth of Premium! The 50% bonus on Credits earned and XP gain will help you get that much closer to the 113 before the end of the event.

14 days of Premium
Plus two FREE days of Premium

Kit Out Your 121 - $18.09

Thanks to this equipment, sniping is easier with the 121. With the Large Caliber Gun Rammer to reduce your reload time, the Vertical Stabilizer to keep your gun accurate on the move, and the Enhanced Gun Laying Drive will help with your aim time.

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1
Large Caliber Gun Rammer
Plus two FREE days of Premium

Pocket Change - $22.99

A bit of Gold and a big bag of Credits are offered in this bundle. 


Trunk Full of Gold and Credits - $36.29

Want more? Get a bigger pile of Gold and Credits with this bundle!


Gold and Credit Supply Drop - $67.49

The care package you've been waiting for. Get even more Gold and Credits in this bulky bundle!


Buy It Now Bundle - $79.49

The big kahuna of currency bundles. This gives you enough Gold and Credits to go wild in your garage!


On Track Bundle #1 - $48.39

The cries for a medium Chinese Premium tank have been heard, and the tough-turreted T-34-3 is the response. Its strong turret and high-damage gun make it a terror for sure. Hide your hull and watch the shells bounce! This tank has a longer-than-normal reload time for a medium tank, so a gun rammer is highly recommended to maximize the amount of Credits you earn. Enjoy the ride as you run circles around enemies while advancing your Chinese medium crews.

VIII T-34-3 T-34-3   Garage Slot
Plus 7 FREE days of Premium


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