A New Vehicle Featuring the Offspring, and It’s Pretty Fly!

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Now nothing can stand in the way of California punk!

Prepare yourself to tame a truly outstanding vehicle fully inspired by punk rock! Wargaming and the legendary Californian punk rockers, The Offspring, have teamed up to bring the most rocking hero to the battlefield, the brand-new TL-1 LPC with a formidable "Pretty Fly" 3D-style.

This year’s WG Fest: Tanker Day headliners can stay in your Garage for good—just add this menacing vehicle with an incredible 3D-style to your collection!  It has numerous features, making it stand out from the crowd:

  • A rocking Crew: The Offspring band members are now a tank Crew! They’ve all been trained with “Zero Skill” Brothers in Arms Perk and come with enough XP to learn a second skill or perk
  • Exclusive custom voiceover: Recorded by Dexter and Noodles. When rolling out with the TL-1 LPC, you can listen to their powerful battle commands, as well as their dialogue, banter and jokes
  • A unique "Pretty Fly" 3D-style: Designed as a concert stage, this removable camouflage embodies the rocking spirit of The Offspring and unites power and music
  • A special soundtrack with a band’s hit "The Kids Aren't Alright": The tank's main theme will come in several mixes, accompanying you in each battle you enter and raising your fighting spirit


The TL1 LPC: Why Don't You Get a Shot?

We’ve been looking for the perfect candidate to fit the role of the most punk-rock tank in our game for a long time. Obviously, this tank must be American, because The Offspring hails from the sunny state of California. The band’s music is a powerful stream of drive and energy, so the tank should be both fast and furious. Finally, it must strike enemies not only with its unique look, but also with decent combat parameters.

This is precisely the case with the TL-1 LPC, the brand-new Tier VIII American medium tank. This versatile medium vehicle with a fast-firing, accurate gun lets you make your presence known on any map. Let’s take a closer look at this rock star, destined for mid-to-close combat.

  • Just like most American tanks, it has solid bouncy turret, allowing you to take advantage of the terrain and easily ricochet enemy’s rounds.  
  • The TL-1 LPC has well-sloped frontal armor and can withstand some direct fire.
  • You can rely on the accuracy and DPM of its well-balanced gun, even on the move, allowing you to support your team as a proper flanker from the second line of fire. 
  • Its alpha-damage is not the best for its tier (280 points), but it has enough firepower to seriously hurt opponents. 
  • Thanks to good maneuverability and a top-speed of 50 km/h, the TL-1 LPC can easily change flanks and take up crucial positions as it’ll reach them faster than other vehicles.  

Main Characteristics
Average Damage
280/280/370 HP
Average Penetration
208/280/45 mm
Hit Points
1,400 HP
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
50/20 km/h
Commander (Radio Operator)
Average Damage
280/280/370 HP
Gun Reload Time
8.8 s
Average Penetration
208/280/45 mm
64 shells
Average Damage per Minute
1,910/1,910/2,523 HP
Dispersion at 100 m
0.38 m
Aiming Time
2.3 s
Gun Depression / Elevation Angles
Shell Types
Shell Velocity
914 m/s
1,219 m/s
732 m/s
Concealment When in Motion
Hit Points
1,400 HP
Concealment When Stationary
Hull Armor
88/50/25 mm
Signal Range
745 m
Turret Armor
177/76/50 mm
View Range
400 m
Caution is the key to survivability of a medium tank. Armor may repel some shells of lower-level vehicles, but it is much better not to expose your vehicle to enemy shots. When playing on irregular terrain, you will definitely appreciate the vehicle’s quite solid turret and decent gun depression/elevation angles (-9/+19°).
Engine Power
665 hp
Specific Power
18.01 hp/t
Traverse Speed
46 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
50/20 km/h
The major objective of a fire-support vehicle is to keep up with the allies in order to provide support at the right time. The top speed of 50 km/h perfectly suits this purpose, especially considering the excellent acceleration dynamics. It will allow you to be in the right place at the right time.

Pretty Fly: Give It to Me Baby!

But the real highlight of this tank is its neckbreaking "Pretty Fly" 3D-style. Designed as a live concert stage for the band, the ultimate black livery embodies the fist pumping spirit of punk rock and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. The tank is outfitted with spotlights, tube amps, a soundboard and the band members’ instruments, each replicated down to the smallest detail.

The hazardous Skull Logo lets others know you mean business. Old-school skateboards with The Offspring artworks remind you that the band is always rocking out with you, even in the heat of battle. World of Tanks has never seen anything like it!

Defy You: More Information on The Offspring Crew

The TL-1 LPC comes with its own unique Crew representing the iconic punk-rockers as courageous tankers, check them out below.

Dexter Holland
Commander (Radio Operator)
The lead singer, guitar player, and songwriter is a modern-day Renaissance Man! He has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, makes Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce, and he is a real-life jet pilot! The rest of the crew remains uncertain whether those aircraft skills will transfer to an intense tank battle though.
The lead guitarist attacks his instrument with a mixture of anger, sheer joy, and reckless abandon. As with every great guitarist and gunner, Noodles knows you have to take chances and give it 100% in order to hit just the right notes.
Pete Parada
The band's drummer. Dozing off to his metronome may prove hazardous to health. Tick‑tock‑tick‑bang! Tick‑tock‑tick‑blam! However, when driving, he makes no sudden moves. Any break in rhythm is considered incompetence for a drummer.
Todd Morse
The bass guitarist who skillfully and passionately both loads shells and immerses thousands of fans in a breathtaking atmosphere during the performance. His endless positive energy and punk vibes
raise the morale of the entire crew to the highest level.

Premium Shop Offer: Come Out and Play!

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  • The Offspring custom Crew with “Zero Skill” Band of Brothers Perk and enough XP to learn a second skill or perk
  • 7 days of WoT Premium Account
  • A free Garage slot
  • Exclusive voiceover recorded by Dexter and Noodles 
  • Unique soundtrack based on the band’s hit "The Kids Aren't Alright"

In addition to all this, each owner of this bundle will receive a special Medal

* 3D-style is not sold separately.


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Give It to Me Baby!