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Memorial Day Gift Shop Bundles


In step with our support of National Military Appreciation Month, our Memorial Day Gift Shop Bundles are sure to help you stock up on a variety of goods. See everything we're selling over the next couple of days below.

Bundles Begin: 23:00 PDT (02:00 EDT the following day) on May 23, 2013

Bundles End: 23:00 PDT (02:00 EDT the following day) on May 26, 2013

Wondering what time this starts in your neck of the woods? Use this handy Time Zone Conversion tool.


Memorial Day Gift Shop Bundles

Quick Cash Bundle - $28.49

Just like it sounds, quick and cash filled for an easy boost to your operational funds. Use it to buy that new tank you've had your eye on, transfer a crew, or even just marvel at all the zeroes that crop up in your garage space once you click the purchase button.



Big Bucks Bundle - $52.99

You've got how many tanking problems? If you pick up this Big Bucks Bundle while the offer lasts, Credits and Gold wont be one. With all of the sales going on during our Memorial Day Weekend, you're sure to walk away with some shiny new toys!



Large Pile of Credits Bundle - $76.29

Big Bucks Bundle not enough? This larger batch of Credits and Gold will definitely help building up your crews, garage slots, and more.



Jackpot Bundle - $98.99

This won't increase your odds of winning in Vegas, but imagine everything you can buy in World of Tanks with this massive batch of Gold and Credits! You have enough here to buy a couple of Premium vehicles and still have enough left over to fill them with crews.



United States Mega Bundle - $79.99

This is for all of you collectors out there who love to get their hands on as many tanks as possible. These are all quality vehicles to bring with you onto the battlefield, and since they're Premium they'll earn more Credits per battle than some of the tier counterparts. The T2 and the T14 are being thrown in free of charge exclusively with this bundle.

II T2 Light Tank T2 Light Tank III M22 Locust M22 Locust V T14 T14 V Ram II Ram II VIII T26E4 Super Pershing T26E4 Super Pershing VIII T34 T34 6 Garage Slots


Lion King Bundle - $116.99

This particular bundle will actually last a little bit longer than the others listed above, going from 23:00 PDT on May 23, 2013 until 23:00 PDT on June 2, 2013. If you're looking to make an instant impression on the battlefield, this bundle will help. In addition, you'll also get the ultra rare tier II Tetrarch as an added gift.

VIII Löwe Löwe  II Tetrarch Tetrarch 10,000
90 Days of Premium
2 Garage Slots


National Military Appreciation Month Bundles

Buy them for yourself or for all your tanking buddies, but either way 10% of every purchase will go to the veterans charities mentioned above for the entire month of May! These bundles will be available from 23:00 PDT April 30, 2013 until 23:00 PDT May 31, 2013.


T34 Bundle for $115.99

  • VIII T34 T34
  • One Garage Slot
  • 90 Days of Premium
  • 10,000
  • 1,200,000

Gold & Credit Bundle for $23.39

  • 2,000
  • 2,000,000


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