Lunar New Year Special Offer #2: Object 252U


The Lunar New Year event celebrates spring, new beginnings, and good fortune in Asia and around the world. We're ringing in the Year of the Rabbit from January 20 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET until February 1 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET with a big in-game event and a series of sales that refresh every two days.

Check out the themed Garage, tackle special Lunar Celebration Missions, enjoy plenty of discounts, and collect as many Lunar Stamps as possible to trade for rewards of your liking.

Why not get the new year off to a rousing start and add some new favorites to your Garage? Our second offer features the VIII Object 252U !

Pick Your Bundle

Premium Shop Bundles:

Each featured vehicle comes in two Premium Shop bundles: a basic one with a Garage slot and 100% trained crew, and a second one with Lunar Stamps and discounted in-game goodies. Lunar Stamps are a special currency used to purchase unique items from the event's in-game Lunar Event Shop.

In-Game Bundle for Gold:

A third bundle is available for gold through the in-game Store. This offer includes the vehicle and the following unique customization elements:

Russian Reversal 2D Style (exclusive for the Object 252U) Nian Decals Year of the Rabbit Emblems Family Reunion Inscriptions

Lunar Object 252U

Available from January 22 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET through January 24 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET

Identical to its Defender counterpart, the VIII Object 252U is a top performer on both offense and defense. Packing a big 122 mm gun with incredible one-shot damage, the 252U can break an opponent's HP pool, chunk by chunk. It thrives in duels when trading damage, and has armor built to resist even Tier X guns, which means there are plenty of targets to pick in battle. Unlike the Defender model, the 252U has no permanent style, giving you the freedom to choose your favorite look!

Package Contents Object 252U 100% trained crew Garage slot Lunar Stamps Gold ×5 XP missions Personal Reserves Discount

Lunar In-Game Offers for Gold

Available from January 20 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET through January 22 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET

Enjoy the festival spirit with an in-game exclusive bundle containing the Object 252U and striking customizations elements:

Bundle: Bundle Contents: Price:

Festive Object 252U

  • VIII Object 252U  
  • 1 Garage slot
  • 100% trained crew
  • 1Russian Reversal 2D style (exclusive for the Object 252U)
  • 6Nian decals
  • 6Year of the Rabbit emblems
  • 6Family Reunion inscriptions

Take a closer look at the Object 252U and its exclusive Russian Reversal 2D style (check out the following tabs):


Grab Additional Lunar Stamps

Lunar Celebration Missions

Looking for more ways to get Lunar Stamps? Complete daily Lunar Celebration Missions! Collect and spend the special currency in the in-game Lunar Homefront Shop to purchase customizations, ×5 XP bonuses, Personal Reserves, and even the VII Type 62 !

Lunar Crates

These Stamps are also included in five different Lunar Crates, available from the Premium Shop. Every crate is filled with Lunar Stamps for the in-game store, plenty of Personal Reserves, and a camouflage inspired by the Wu Xing Elements.

See the event guide for more details about the Crates, missions, discounts, and more!


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