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Keep Calm and Tank On Weekend: Premium Shop Bundles


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Bundles abound, in accordance with Keep Calm and Tank On Weekend. Take a relaxed look at what we have!

Bundles Begin: 03:00 PDT (06:00 EDT) on November 15, 2013

Bundles End: 03:00 PDT (06:00 EDT) on November 18, 2013

Weekend Warrior Bundle - $9.99

Not everyone can make time to play World of Tanks every day, making weekends all the more precious. This package is a salute to those Weekend Warriors, and includes three days of Premium to increase your Credit and XP earnings all weekend, along with enough Gold to help customize your favorite tank or pick up a few Garage slots.

3 Days of Premium
Plus one FREE day of Premium

Keep Calm and Tank On Bundle #1 - $5.29

The Sexton I is a British tier III artillery vehicle that rains shells from the sky. The very high rate of fire, combined with your massive ammo capacity allows you to continually assail your enemies and not let up until the last enemy tank is a smoking ruin. Its low damage per shot and average penetration is negated by the sheer amount of metal you can fling at the enemy. This Premium artillery enjoys extra Credit income and the ability to train a British artillery crew without retraining.   

III Sexton I Sexton I Garage Slot
Plus one FREE day of Premium

Keep Calm and Tank On Bundle #2 - $6.59

The Matilda Black Prince is a British tier V Premium tank. This medium possesses a variety of roles and is best suited as an ambusher, sniper, or defender. Tankers will enjoy the above-average health pool and all-around decent armor. Its main weaknesses are its slow speed and small ammo capacity – 55, to be exact. With that and a rate of fire of 35 shells per minute, tankers who do not chose their shots carefully can find themselves dodging shells with no way to return the fire. As with all Premium tanks, enjoy a boost in Credit earnings as well as the ability to advance your British medium crews. 

V Matilda Black Prince Matilda Black Prince Garage Slot
Plus one FREE day of Premium

Keep Calm and Tank On Bundle #3 - $5.89

The Excelsior is an excellent choice for the tanker searching for a mobile and cost-effective tier V British heavy tank. It has good frontal armor and a rapid-firing 75mm Gun Mk V, which can deal significant damage but lacks in penetration. This tank is a good flanker, and shines when it can engage with its front to the enemy. Experienced players should watch out for anyone trying to flank them, as the side armor is a bit thin. The Premium Excelsior truly “excels” as a crew trainer for the British heavy line, and will put a smile on your face as you watch your Credits climb ever upwards.

V Excelsior Excelsior Garage Slot
Plus one FREE day of Premium

Keep Calm and Tank On Bundle #4 - $13.79

With its immense size, slow speed, and thin armor, many players ask: Why buy a TOG II*? The answer is simple: it’s just plain fun! This tank is a tier VI British heavy, affectionately described as a "boat out of water" by players due to its size. The TOG II* makes up for weaknesses in size and speed by mounting a truly lethal cannon and having the largest health pool for its tier. In the right hands, the TOG II* can be a devastating support/defense tank, as it will definitely draw the attention of many enemy vehicles away from your more fragile teammates. Its high damage and survivability will net you lots of XP and Credits while advancing your British medium crews. A platoon of three TOGs is sure to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy team, even as they salute you like a battleship!

VI TOG II* TOG II* Garage Slot
Plus one FREE day of Premium

Keep Calm and Tank On Bundle #5 - $22.79

A tier VII British tank destroyer, and the basis for the tier IX Tortoise, The AT 15A embodies the steady and reliable characteristics of the British tank destroyer line. You won’t be blazingly fast or able to take out most enemies in one hit, but the OQF 17-pdr Gun Mk. VII hits hard and with top-notch accuracy. Enemies that you can “track” or keep visible can be eliminated in short order. The rapid fire of the cannon combined with excellent frontal armor, in addition to a play style exactly matching the other British tank destroyers, makes the AT 15A an excellent investment for any player interested in moving up the British TD line, and training an elite crew along the way.

VII AT 15A AT 15A Garage Slot
Plus one FREE day of Premium

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