Special 3D Styles for IS-3 & Kranvagn

Attention IS-3 and Kranvagn owners!

An exclusive 3D Style for each vehicle is currently available for Gold in the in-game client until Update 1.9; afterward, you can find them in the Premium Shop. Each Style has a +2% bonus to vehicle concealment on all map types. The IS-3 is on the Soviet Tech Tree at Tier VIII; the Kranvagn is on the Swedish Tech Tree at Tier X. Don't forget: The Swedish heavy tank is the prize of our On Track Missions that last until March 20!

Primary Style: "Montu" for the IS-3

Cost: 2,500 Gold

Primary Style: "Hjälpkran" for the Kranvagn

Cost: 5,000 Gold

Ah, but that's not all. We also have wallpaper of the two vehicles in their awesome exclusive Styles for free! Just check out the link below and download as many as you like!