Back by Popular Demand: The Independence 3D Style for the T110E4


Your voices have been heard! The exclusive Independence 3D style for the X T110E4 is back by popular demand. You've worked tirelessly to earn your T110E4; now, it's time to give it the appearance it deserves!

Don't miss the chance to take your T110E4 to new heights during the ongoing Top of the Tree missions. This vehicle is the star of the show until September 5, so it's the perfect time to shine with your 3D style. Even if you haven't acquired the TD yet, you can purchase the style now and be prepared to dominate the battlefield once it's in your garage!


Independence 3D Style

Enhance your T110E4's aesthetics while gaining a strategic advantage—the Independence 3D style grants a +4 concealment value due to its class and tier, enabling you to take your enemies by surprise. This non-historical style is a masterpiece that embodies the essence of all things American. Whether you're a seasoned commander or a newcomer, this style—featuring an iconic cowboy hat—will set you apart from the rest.

Independence 3D Style for the T110E4
    • Bundle Contents:
    • Independence 3D style for the X T110E4
In-Game Price

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Don't let this incredible style pass you by again. Get the Independence 3D style for your T110E4, and make your mark on the battlefield today!

Roll Out!

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