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Gift Shop Bundles: September 27 - 29


This weekend's Premium Shop features two real heavy hitters. If you are hankering for some serious tank destruction, then look no further; these packages include two of the game's most renowned tank destroyers: the E-25 and the SU-122-44. Check out these bundles and more below!

Bundles Begin: 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT) on September 27, 2013

Bundles End: 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT) on September 29, 2013

Weekend Warrior Bundle - $9.99

Not everyone can make time to play World of Tanks every day, making weekends all the more precious. This package is a salute to those Weekend Warriors, and includes three days of Premium to increase your Credit and XP earnings all weekend long, along with enough Gold to help customize your favorite tank or pick up a few garage slots.

3 Days of Premium

Change of Pace Bundle #1 - $25.09

This is not just the SU-122-44, but the SU-122-44 as it was meant to be. This tier VII tank destroyer comes with all the equipment you will need to run roughshod over your opponents on the battlefield. With binoculars, a camouflage net, and a gun rammer, this SU-122-44 is ready to help you earn more Credits while advancing the training of any Russian tank destroyer crew you have.

VII SU-122-44 SU-122-44
Binocular Telescope
Camouflage Net
Medium Caliber Gun Rammer

Garage Slot

Change of Pace Bundle #2 - $31.49

You have asked for it, and here it is: the E-25! This tier VII tank destroyer, with its quick-reloading gun and ability to relocate swiftly, can be deadly on the battlefield. Like other German Premium tank destroyers, the E-25 can be used to advance the training of any German tank destroyer crew. And with its increased Credit earnings, it will help fill your wallet!

VII E 25 E 25

Garage Slot

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