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Gift Shop Bundles, June 20 to 23

The Change of Pace Bundle has been removed from this week's workshop. All players who purchased this bundle will receive compensation.


This week we're featuring four great bundles, two of which will help you take advantage of the great discounts that are part of the current On Track to the Foch (155) Event, one M22 Locust bundle, and a Dicker Max bundle.

Bundles Begins: 23:00 PDT (02:00 EDT the following day) on June 20, 2013

Bundles Ends: 23:00 PDT (02:00 EDT the following day) on June 23, 2013

Wondering what time this starts in your neck of the woods? Use this handy Time Zone Conversion tool.


Quick Cash Bundle - $38.53

Nothing wrong with wanting straight cash. This bundle is sure to fulfill your needs with whatever plans you have for these stacks of glittering gold and credits.


Premium Bundle - $18.99

Enjoying the idea of 50% more XP and Credit gain? Timer running down on your current Premium account or just flirting with the idea of picking one up for the first time? This is the bundle for you. Plus, the Gold and Credits are sure to come in handy!

30 Days of Premium

German TD Bundle - $16.99

French vehicles not your thing this week? That's ok. You can use this bundle to swap your crew between German tank destroyers without losing any crew progress (one of the perks of having a Premium vehicle in your garage).

VI Dicker Max Dicker Max Garage Slot


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