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Gift Shop Bundles, June 16 to 20


This week we're featuring three different bundles, one is a boost for those of you taking advantage of the great discounts that are part of the current On Track to the Foch (155) Event, a solid Gold and Credit bundle, and a tier III premium tank destroyer.

Bundles Begins: 23:00 PDT (02:00 EDT the following day) on June 16, 2013

Bundles Ends: 23:00 PDT (02:00 EDT the following day) on June 20, 2013

Wondering what time this starts in your neck of the woods? Use this handy Time Zone Conversion tool.


Boost to the AMX 50 Foch (155) Bundle - $9.49

For those of you taking advantage of the current On Track event, this is the perfect bundle for you!

14 Days of Premium


New Tank Prep Kit Bundle - $7.99

Just pick up a new  vehicle? Here's the package that will help you on your way to getting properly equipped.



French TD Bundle - $5.99

For all of you tankers looking to start down a TD line, why not consider the FCM 36 Pak 40? For only $5.99, you can walk away with this tank and a handful of Credits to boot!

III FCM 36 Pak 40 FCM 36 Pak 40 Garage Slot


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