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Gift Shop Bundles, June 2 - 6


This week we've got a bundle for everyone from new tankers to those looking to fill their coffers. Take a look!

Bundle Begins: 23:00 PDT (02:00 EDT the following day) on June 2, 2013

Bundle Ends: 23:00 PDT (02:00 EDT the following day) on June 06, 2013

Wondering what time this starts in your neck of the woods? Use this handy Time Zone Conversion tool.


New Tank Prep Kit - $7.99

Have you unlocked a new tank and find yourself in need of funds to fully outfit your shiny new toy? Then this is the package for you! It has enough Gold to purchase a Garage Slot and enough left over to transfer one of your experienced crews to your new tank without any loss of skill.



Boost to the E-100 - $9.49

If you've started down the path to the E-100 for our latest On Track Event, the bonus Premium experience and Credits on every battle will go a long way towards helping you reach your goal. That's where our Boost to the E-100 Bundle comes in to help. And who couldn't use a few extra Credits?

14 Days Premium


German Premium Bundle - $27.69

There comes a point in every tanker’s career where they want another tank to play. With the Panther/M10 being a Premium tank you can place any German crew, trained in medium tanks, into it and play without penalty. This will allow you some variety while increasing your crew skills, all while earning convertible experience to put towards your next tank.

VII Panther/M10 Panther/M10 Garage Slot


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