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Gift Shop Bundles, August 12 - 16


Tired of playing those light and medium tanks for the current On Track event? This week's Gift Shop bundles feature the FCM 50 t French heavy tank and bags full of Credits and Gold. Take a look!

Bundles Begin: 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT) on August 12, 2013

Bundles End: 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT) on August 16, 2013

New Tank Prep Kit - $7.99

This little bundle will give you enough Gold to buy a garage slot, move over an entire crew, or keep around for a rainy day.


FCM 50 t Bundle - $60.99

If you've been participating in our On Track to the BatChat 25 t event, perhaps you've grown to appreciate French vehicles. If so, might we draw your attention to the FCM 50 t French heavy tank? This bundle will give you everything you need to roll out this Premium tank onto the battlefield, and to help with that we're throwing in the Vertical Stabilizer MK2 free of charge.

VIII FCM 50 t FCM 50 t Garage Slot
Vertical Stabilizer MK 2
Enhanced Gunlaying Drive
Large Caliber Gun Rammer

Gold and Credit Supply Drop - $67.49

If you feel like filling your coffers full of Gold and Credits, this Bundle might be all that you desire.


Buy It Now Bundle - $79.49

If you've been enjoying your time during the On Track to the BatChat 25 t, you may have run into the wall of Credits that's required for you to pick up that particular tier X vehicle. This bundle will ensure you'll be able to pick up just about any vehicle you're after.


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