Frontline 2019: Episode 2 Rental Tanks

Frontline Commanders,

The second Episode of Frontline is here! With this new installment are two new rental vehicles you can use on the battlefield:

  •  A solid Chinese heavy tank, made for close combat.
  •  A reliable British medium, perfect for sniping from the second line.

Please watch the following video for complete information:

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Where Can I Find these Frontline Rental Tanks?


From the Garage, do the following:

  1. Go to Frontline Mode: Click on "Random Battle" to the right of the red "Battle!" button and select "Frontline" in the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the Prestige icon that appears underneath the red "Battle!" button.
  3. Select any or all of the tanks available for rental.
  • 112 FL
  • FV4202 FL
  • T-44 FL

112 FL

The 112 FL is more than a copy of the IS-6 FL. Sure, the Chinese heavy looks like its Soviet counterpart, but its skin is even thicker, thanks to simple sloped armor, and it's especially strong on the turret and the side of the vehicle. It can also effectively side-scrape.

The 122 mm gun packs nasty punch and reloads quite fast — just beware of the high dispersion. Make sure you fight up close (and personal)! 

Suggested Equipment: Add an Enhanced Gun-laying Drive, Large-caliber Tank Gun Rammer, and a Vertical Stabilizer to ensure your gun won't fail in close combat.

Suggested Skills: Develop Repairs (any Crewmember) first, then Sixth Sense (for the Commander) — always a must!

FV4202 FL

A second-line sniper, the FV4202 FL has great gun depression and good 390 m view range.

Its Tier IX 20 pdr. gun has great penetration, accuracy, and decent handling. A well-balanced boomstick for this British gentleman, which might surprise its enemies with its bouncy turret.

Suggested Equipment: A Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer, and Improved Ventilation Class 2; Coated Optics are an excellent alternative to boost the vehicle's redoubtable view range.

Suggested Skills: Rock-solid and perfect on the second line, develop Sixth Sense, Snap Shot (for the Gunner), and Smooth Ride (for the Driver) to beef up your accuracy.

T-44 FL

The T-44 FL has a versatile mix of mobility, good camouflage, and decent armor.

The 100 mm LB-1 is well-balanced overall and the right choice if you like the usual medium tank gameplay.

Suggested Equipment: Use a Medium-caliber Tank Gun Rammer and a Vertical Stabilizer to help the gun.

Suggested Skills: Sixth Sense and Repairs are a must; Safe Stowage (for the Loader) is crucial for the fragile ammo rack.

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