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Flashback: Fire and Forget Weekend Premium Shop

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This weekend's event is focused on the raw, mighty power of artillery. Thus, our bundles are themed around Flashback: Fire and Forget Weekend.  Get your hands on some much needed cash, or add a new Sexton to your garage. Check out what's available below!

Bundles Begin: 03:00 PST (06:00 EST) on December 6, 2013

Bundles End:  03:00 PST (06:00 EST) on December 9, 2013

Fire in the Hole - $8.29

The Sexton I is a British tier III artillery vehicle that rains shells from the sky. The very high rate of fire, combined with your massive ammo capacity, allows you to continually assail your enemies and not let up until the last enemy tank is a smoking ruin. Its low damage per shot and average penetration is negated by the sheer amount of metal you can fling at the enemy. This Premium artillery enjoys extra Credit income and the ability to train a British artillery crew without retraining.

III Sexton I Sexton I   Garage Slot
Plus one FREE day of Premium


Weekend Warrior Bundle - $9.99

Not everyone can make time to play World of Tanks every day, making weekends all the more precious. This package is a salute to those Weekend Warriors, and includes three days of Premium to increase your Credit and XP earnings all weekend long, along with enough Gold to help customize your favorite tank or pick up a few Garage slots.

3 Days of Premium
Plus one FREE day of Premium


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