Meet the Bretagne Panther!

Welcome the Bretagne Panther Tier VI medium to World of Tanks! The BP was originally a German tank captured by the French and used in battle late in World War II. With its rich background, this vehicle is a must-have for history connoisseurs and medium tank fans alike.

What makes this tank unique?

Historical value aside, the Bretagne Panther is a predator with several qualities you can exploit on the battlefield:

A Powerful Gun: Beefy Armor: Heavy Medium: Camouflage:

Its fearsome 7.5 cm cannon has high accuracy, penetration, and rate of fire. No enemy will be safe!

This Panther can take some punishment — thanks to high HP and a sloped front.

A strong engine propels this bulky vehicle. Opt for ramming attacks to finish off stubborn enemies!

The French kept the original camouflage scheme after capturing this Panther.

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Bretagne Panther

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Bretagne Panther Vehicle Bundle Offers:

  • Bretagne Panther Vehicle Bundle Offers

Bretagne Panther Essentials & Power-Ups Bundle Offers:

  • Bretagne Panther Essentials: $7.99
  • Bretagne Panther Power-Ups: $28.99
Bretagne Panther Essentials: $7.99

Bundle Contents:

  • 10×Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • 10×Large First Aid Kits
  • 10×Large Repair Kit


Bretagne Panther Power-Ups: $28.99

Bundle Contents:

  • 10× Personal Reserves: +50%Credits (2 hours)
  • 10× Personal Reserves: +300%Crew XP (2 hours)
  • 10× Personal Reserves: +300%Free XP (2 hours)