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Black Friday Premium Shop Bundles [Concluded]

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The Black Friday sale has ended, but we've still got savings coming your way with the Cyber Monday sale!



It's Black Friday. Are you out fighting through crowds of people to get those deals? Wargaming has your back.

Here are some rock bottom deals that you can feel good grabbing without having to leave your leftovers behind. So check out what's in our Premium Shop for one day only!

Bundles Begin: Concluded

Bundles End: Concluded

Black Friday Bundle #1 - 51.95

Turkey and stuffing are a tandem that packs a punch. So, if you're still snacking on one or both, maybe you need a new heavy hitting tandem to complement your style. If so, this bundle is for you. The Löwe is a monster at tier VIII. This Premium German heavy tank can dole out a frightening about of damage to its foes and brawl with some of the beefier baddies on the battlefield. This vehicle alone makes this bundle a must-buy, but along with it comes with the Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) at no additional cost! This tier IV Premium German heavy tank is a real earner among similarly-tiered vehicles. The combination of these tanks will help you earn Credits and move your way up the German heavy line quickly.

VIII Löwe Löwe   Garage Slot
And at no additional cost: IV Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) Garage Slot

Black Friday Bundle #2 - 51.49

Ah, the IS-6, she's a true darling of the battlefield. But don't let her sleek, sloped appearance fool you, this tier VIII Premium Soviet heavy tank can dance with the best of them, and look great doing it. While her 122mm gun might not be the hardest hitting gun in the battle, her refined angles can bounce the haymakers that other vehicles will carelessly lob at you. Refine your return fire and earn some easy Credits; you will not be disappointed. Are you sold already? Probably. But if not, you'll also get the tier II Premium Soviet light tank Tetrarch to complement your tier VIII terror, at no additional cost. The Tetrarch is a menace at tier II, zippy and small, able to scout and hide very effectively. Make use of this combination to advance through your Soviet lines!

VIII IS-6 IS-6Garage Slot
And at no additional cost:II Tetrarch TetrarchGarage Slot

Black Friday Bundle #3 - 44.49

The KV-5 has a reputation all its own. A beast of a machine, this tier VIII war wagon has a gun that can punch clear through just about anything in its class. Plan your route carefully, because she's not built for speed, but know that when you get to the party, the enemy will hear you knocking. This tank and a handsome purse of Gold is plenty to make this bundle appealing, but that doesn't mean the M3 Light is anything less than vicious itself. This tier III Premium light tank comes at no additional cost, and is a sneaky little devil, capable of spotting the enemy and earning you serious Credits while dodging a face full of hot metal. If you're making your way down a Soviet line, this tank tandem might be just what the doctor ordered.

VIII KV-5 KV-5Garage Slot
And at no additional cost:III M3 Light M3 Light Garage Slot

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