Last Chance for the TS-5!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the American Challenge to help introduce the first U.S. Premium Tier VIII tank destroyer, the TS-5!

Completing stages gives you discounts on the final price — 10% off for each stage completed — if you decide to purchase the bundle. For example, completing 5 out of 10 stages knocks 50% off the price. Purchasing the bundle gives you the full collection of rewards. If you completed none of the American Challenge, you can still purchase the TS-5!

You have until Wednesday, April 17, 07:00 PT | 09:00 CT | 10:00 ET to purchase your package!

TS-5 Offers


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American Challenge Complete: OFFER:

0% Complete


10% Complete

BUY: 10% OFF

20% Complete

BUY: 20% OFF  

30% Complete

BUY: 30% OFF

40% Complete

BUY: 40% OFF

50% Complete

BUY: 50% OFF

60% Complete

BUY: 60% OFF

70% Complete

BUY: 70% OFF

80% Complete

BUY: 80% OFF

90% Complete

BUY: 90% OFF

Please see the event article for complete details: