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Military Appreciation Month: National Armor & Cavalry Heritage Foundation



Wargaming celebrates Military Appreciation Month by teaming up with the National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation (NACHF) to bring you a limited-time bundle offer.

The National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation will honor patriotic men and women that have trained, served and fought in the U.S Army's Armor and Cavalry Force. Fittingly, the museum is being built in Ft. Benning, GA, home of the new Maneuver Center of Excellence where Tankers are trained!

Focused on preserving history and recruitment, the Foundation will also provide community outreach, educational programs for local schools and universities, as well as showcase the U.S. Army’s Armor Collection: the best and largest collection of Armor and Cavalry objects in the world.

Designed for military history buffs, tank and armor enthusiasts, tourists and students alike, the Museum will provide a way to learn about the history of tanks and cavalry while also looking into the future of tank warfare!

Beginning May 18 and continuing for the rest of the week, Wargaming will donate 25% of the proceeds from this bundle to the National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation organization.

As we honor those who serve or have served, please consider donating to the National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation to help preserve their legacy!

Available: Monday, May 18, 04:20 PDT / 11:20 UTC
Ends: Monday, May 25, 04:20 PDT / 11:20 UTC

NACHF Support Bundle


1,500 + 1,500,000

Additionally, we have an identical, month-long bundle where the proceeds are divided evenly amongst four charities:

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