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WGLNA Silver League Streaming - February 21


You’ve watched the WGLNA Gold League players battle it out on WGLNA Twitch channel, but here is your chance to see them on the other side!

Sov13t and Nagatron from the Gold League team Fnatic brought you the first two rounds of the Silver League Finals. Tonight, the last matches will be streamed, as Burn All Empires and Romantic Bulbasaur Iguana Squad strive for first place.

In Round 1, Burn All Empires swept the city in Ensk, defeating Romantic Bulbasaur Iguana Squad 2-0. RBIS refused to give up without a fight! They came back strong in Round 2, picking up the first win on Steppes. After a couple of nail-biting draws, RBIS defeated BAE a second time, bringing the score to 2-0-2.

With each team winning a Round, the Silver League Finals will be decided tonight on Mines. Tune in at 6:30 pm PST to find out which team will win 40,000!

Match-Up Caster  Twitch Channel 
Burn All Empires vs. Romantic Bubasaur Iguana Squad Relics/Nagatron