The Chieftain's Hatch: The 37mm T126b - Part II

A little over two months ago, I put up an article about an interesting discovery that I made about the 37mm Automatic Gun T16. It was one of those random discoveries that one makes when just blindly dipping into the boxes in the National Archives.

Near as I could tell, this was a piece of equipment totally lost to history. At least, nobody else could provide any information on the program, either in books or on the Web. It was one of those satisfying little discoveries that makes this job so enjoyable, and though disappointed that the document didn’t have any pictures to complete the discovery, I was happy enough that I was able to even get that much out.

As you may be aware, a little over a month ago I went back to the National Archives for a little more digging. To my total astonishment, the very first box I opened up was the test report of the 37mm Automatic Gun T16 as mounted in the M5 light tank. Not only did I re-discover a lost item once, I re-discovered it a second time. And this time, it had pictures, so the persons on the forum hypothesizing over what it looked like can now get their answers.

This second report follows:



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