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You Ask We Reply, May 14

“The turret will blow off when the ammunition box detonates...”
 Will it be able to smash a tank standing nearby? Or become cover? Will it be some sort of material?

It’s not likely.  It will probably be immaterial debris.

Will you return shooting sounds, which we had in 7.1.1?

The sounds will be fully reworked; it’s still in progress.

Will you implement a private chat for platoon in random battle? Since we need to press Ctrl to send a message to enemy, I think you can also set a key for making messages for platoon mates only.

Such an option seems likely to be added in the future.

Will the current team damage/team kill punishment system be reworked? Right now it’s absolutely ineffective and unfair!

We value the feedback we get about the punishment system. It will be reworked, but we do not have a timeline just yet. 

Do you plan support for 2-3 monitor configurations?

 As far as we know, 2 monitors configuration is already supported, but support for a 3 monitor configuration is not currently in development.

When will we get support for multi-core processor?

It is expected to come this year along with the new rendering improvements.

What will be the strong points for British tanks? (e.g. Germans have gun accuracy and armor)

It’s a bit early to speak about Brits. We haven’t adjusted their attributes; they’re just outlines and blueprints at this point. Right now we’re working with their visual models.

Will you let LTs of tier 4 partake in junior tank companies?

We haven’t got that in our plans, but like we said before, balance changes are coming.

Will there be any special vehicles on Russian server like we saw for the Chinese region?

No, probably not.

Will there be new MTs of tier 8, or close to it? (in general and in this year in particular)

There’ll be at least one premium MT of tier 8 added, the Super Pershing.

When you add StuG E100, will you add gun 12.8 cm L\66 to Jagdtiger?

No, we do not plan such a gun for StuG E100 or the Jagdtiger.

Will we be able to sort tanks in the garage by tier, so that we’ll see only tanks of chosen tier?

Tank sorting will be getting an update, and it would be possible to allow sorting by tier, but the changes have not yet been finalized, so we can’t guarantee it.

Will you improve the arty reticle functionality? I mean, the option to change reticle color at user’s pleasure, because green color is very ineffective on snowy maps.

We do not have plans to change this feature at this time.

Will new modes (when they’re ready) appear randomly? (Which is no good) Will we be able to select a random battle or another combat mode on our own?

They will appear randomly which is good. :) For now, all we can do is ask for you to give us a chance, and wait to see what shape the final system takes.  It’s still a work in progress.

Do you plan to add reload period to reticle made by devs? I know such a mod is used by players.

It’s possible that we may add such an option.

Will you add the opportunity to make personal messages for hot keys like F2, F3, and etc., because some hot keys are quite useless?

No, we want to prevent loads of spam with inappropriate commands, which would surely appear once players start creating them on their own.

Will you reduce penetration splash (penetration accuracy during movement and turret rotation)? Let’s say, now it’s +- 25%, and we’d love to see +-15%.

No, this topic was discussed multiple times, and it was decided not to change the random armor impact point.

Do you plan to make analog for the “Expert” medal, but for those who destroy all tanks available in the game, including premium, special, gift and other tanks? (But only in cases where they’re available in the game; for example, retail box tanks were in-game for a year, but haven’t appeared in the game since, and were not considered, e.g. Pz3 Hydro, SU-85I, Chinese tanks, and etc.)

No, we don’t have plans to create such a medal.

Do you plan to change the mechanism of Firefighting perk operation,? Right now it’s the most useless in-game perk.

No, we do not have plans for a change just yet.

Tanks of what nations will join “pan-European” tech tree?

Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia initially, but the list is not yet finished.

Will you give a bonus in credits or experience for hitting a team killer? And we’d like to get a “Champion of justice” medal for this deed.

No, there won’t be such a medal or bonus.  However, there are changes coming to the TK punishment system.

Dear developers, when will historical maps appear, such as Kharkov, Moscow, Leningrad and other hero-cities?

We hope to have them someday, but they will not appear any time soon as they will be enormously complex and will likely give some older PCs trouble.

Why can an ignored player spam me with invitations? When will you extend the ignore list?

We don’t plan a change for that particular aspect of the ignore function, but you can enable the setting to only receive invites from people on your friends list.

Will we be able to move the camera view from the tank which destroyed my vehicle with a single mouse click?

No, we don’t plan on making that a feature.

Is there a chance for the “Enemy spotted and destroyed” feature return? (maybe switching on/off in settings, change the message color from yellow to dark blue, so that it doesn’t hurt the eye and doesn’t resemble the message “you destroyed an enemy”.)

Yes, this message is planned to make a return after it has been reworked.

When will we have adequate balance for the amount of platoons in random battles? I think many of us have faced a situation when there are 4 platoons in one team, and none in the other, in such a case the team with platoons wins 90% battles.

We do plan some re balancing for the number platoons on each team.

Are you going to cooperate with Steam or Origin services?

We do not have any current plans to utilize their services.

Do you plan any changes/acceleration to the crew training system?

Yes, we’ve got some plans for the crew training systems.  We can’t elaborate on that topic for the time being.

How will we celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the Russian server?

Long and loud!